natural disasters ➵ a.f.i.

Amy, Melanie, and Diana live a normal life. Fun, caring, loving best friends...

That's until they meet 4 life ruining boys


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4


Amy's POV

Ashton handed my phone back and I saw Diana give him a thumbs up from the corner of my eye. I felt like somehow there was some secret communication going on between Melanie and Diana with Ashton. I kept seeing them winking, smirking, and signaling him...

The second I opened the door to go outside, Diana gasped. I swung around to see her covering her mouth in a fangirly kind of way and pointing to the parking lot. There stood two figures kissing each other. I looked closer to see that it was Calum and Melanie. MELUM!

"Shh." Michael cooed and started to walk to their car. When we got Melanie and Calum, he turned and put his finger to his lips, then turned back around and stood right behind Calum.

"Having fun?" I heard him whisper ever so quietly. Calum and Melanie flew out of the kiss and looked at Michael wide-eyed. We all burst out laughing as Melanie slapped Michael across the face, then joined our laughter right along with Calum.

"C'mon guys. It's getting late." Like whined after a little bit.

"Will mommy be upset if you don't get home for bedtime Lukey?" Michael cooed.

"Actually yeah." Luke said. "Let's go." He motioned. Michael walked up and grabbed his hand and they walked to the car together.

"I ship it." Ashton muttered to me as I laughed quietly.

"See you beautiful young ladies later." Calum winked and pecked Melanie on the lips.

"Bye." Ashton waved and they followed Michael and Luke to their car. I followed Diana to the car and we loaded in. The second I closed the last door, Diana and I bombarded Melanie with questions.

"Wow, wow, wow. Please, I'm trying to process it myself." Melanie giggled.

"Fine." Diana sighed. "But you're telling us every detail later." She said as she backed out of the parking lot.


I was starting to fall asleep while listening to Mayday Parade just as my phone went off.

Ashton : HIII. What's up?

Me : HIII! Nothing much. Sitting around on my phone. You?

Ashton : Same :I Want to hang out?

Me : Okay! Where?

Ashton : McDonalds?

Me : Lol sure

Ashton : be there in 20 :)

Me : Kay, me too

I leaped off the couch and flew upstairs to fix my makeup and change into some black ripped skinny jeans and a Blink-182 shirt. I told my mom I was going out and walked out into the hot Australian sun beating down on me. I hopped into my car and drove to McDonalds.

I entered and Ashton was sitting down at a table on his phone. I walked over to him and say across from him. He looked up and set his phone down.

"Hi." He smiled.

"Hi." I smiled back, really hoping this wouldn't be too awkward.

"Hey." He said awkwardly. Already?

"Hi." I said awkwardly back.

"So, do you want food?" He asked.

"I love food. C'mon." I said standing up. He followed me to the line and suddenly I felt strong hands gripping my arms. I turned and smiled at Ashton.

He leaned in and whispered in my ear. "You're very beautiful, did you know that?" I wanted to flip into the ground like a little shrimp right that second.

"Thank you." I muttered back to him. He released my arms and we ordered our food. While eating, we had a pleasant mini talk about music.

I could get used to this...

Hope you're loving it 😊💕 This is fun to write haha. There's a huge plot twist coming soon by the way 😊

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