natural disasters ➵ a.f.i.

Amy, Melanie, and Diana live a normal life. Fun, caring, loving best friends...

That's until they meet 4 life ruining boys


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

We Just Gotta Get Out

I gaped at the stage. This was not happening...

The drummer in their group went to our school... Ashton Irwin... He was just about the most saddest yet Godliest person you could find and yet, here he was, performing with a punk-pop band...

He was really a cute boy. I had always known that. He talked to me occasionally in our chemistry class. Stuff like "I got fired from the video shop for singing and drumming while on duty". He was so funny, I think I liked him a bit. Though, he was judged so often. I know it sounds kind of ridiculous, but I don't want to be seen. If I had a reputation for dating an emo nerd, then that would draw attention to me. So I avoided him as much as possible with the despair not to be identified.

Here he sits, on a drum stool, drumming and harmonizing for this band. I had never seen him in their videos or heard him play drums and he was truly an extraordinary drummer.

They did several covers of Blink-182 and some songs that I had never heard. They were really astonishing singers. I adored the whole concert and had a livley time.

"Thank you for coming!" Luke exclaimed after 'Gotta Get Out'.

"I don't even know why you did..." Calum made a duck face.

"Thanks to the Annadale Hotel for giving us this oppurtunity. We love you guys." Michael smiled.

"It was a pleasure to play for you guys. Thank you!" Ashton smiled at everyone. We cheered and clapped as they walked 'backstage'.

"Was that that Ashton kid from our school?" Melanie questioned.

"Definintly." I gave her a small smile.

"Wow. What a cooincidence." Diana gushed.

"Yeah." I said distantly and stared at the door that they just walked into.

"Do you like him Amy?" Melanie gasped dramatically.

"No!" I exclaimed snapping up to look at her.

"Sure. That's why you've been staring at him the entire time." Diana giggled.

"Shut up." I muttered as they burst out laughing. "Idiots."

"But you love us!" Melanie smirked.

"Yeah, I don't know why though." I smirked back as she dramatically gasped and flipped her hair.

"Lego." Diana said, standing. Melanie and I copied her movements and followed her out of the auditorium and into the lobby. To my surprise, I saw the guy with black hair, Calum, on his knees in front of Ashton looking up at him with a glint of hope in his eyes. I gaped at them as Diana and Melanie dragged me over.

"Sure." Ashton giggled as soon as we got into earshot.

"I LOVE GAY LOVE!" Melanie shouted as they stared at her, confused. Calum then burst out laughing.

"No, I was asking him to be in our band." Calum said in-between the laughter.

"Makes sense." Melanie shrugged. "I'm Melanie, this is Diana, and this is Amy. That was a great show by the way." She said. I shifted awkwardly when I realized that Ashton was staring at me. I looked at the ground, brushing hair out of my face sheepishly, then to Calum.

"I'm Calum, this is Ashton, th-"

"I know Ashton!" Melanie exclaimed as I met her eyes, mine begging for her to shut up, and she smirked. "You go to our school, don't you?"

"Yeah." Ashton seemed a bit taken aback at her energy burst. "Yeah, I do."

"Do you know Amy?" She pushed, causing me to shoot her a death glare.

"I guess?" He shrugged.

"She said she knows you." Melanie smirked

"No I didn't!" I complained. "I said he's in my chemistry class!"

"No you didn't." Diana giggled softly as I elbowed her.

"Oh really? 'Cause I'm sure you two could make plenty of chemistry." Melanie smirked as I punched her arm playfully and blushed.

"You can shut up now." I smiled with fake sweetness at her. In other words, I'm going to rip her mouth off her face, chop it up with an onion chopper, and feed it to the kangaroos.

"No, I like to make you feel awkward." She giggled as I rolled my eyes. As I was just about to look at the ground, I caught a soft smile on Ashton's face. I loved his smile, though he didn't do it often. It was really cute for a guy like Ashton.

By the way, I already wrote the sequel to this lol. So yeah, sorry if it's confusing 😬 hope it won't be.

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