natural disasters ➵ a.f.i.

Amy, Melanie, and Diana live a normal life. Fun, caring, loving best friends...

That's until they meet 4 life ruining boys


19. Chapter 19

Chapter 19


Calum's POV

"Hello?" I answered my phone.

"Hi, this is Calum Hood, right?" An unfamiliar male voice spoke on the other line.

"Yes." I said awkwardly.

"Ah, yes... We have some bad news for you." He said. "This is the police by the way."

Nothing can be worse or even close to he bad news of Diana... "Okay?"

"Well... We found your bandmates, Ashton and Michael being mobbed earlier so we took them away. After a small chat, we found that one of your friends was murdered by a gang tonight." He said.


"H-huh?" I said, my eyes already tearing up.

"They say her name is Amy." He said. I threw my phone across the room and it broke with the impact of the wall. Everyone stared at me, shocked, as I sunk to my knees and started bawling.

"Calum?!?" Melanie asked. The door opened suddenly and somebody came in. I peeked through the tears to see a few police officers.

"Hey guys... There was an incident tonight and we were told to protect you." One said.

"What happened?" Luke asked. Oh boy do I know what happened.

"A girl by the name of Amy Reyes was murdered. We haven't caught the murderers yet but apparently there is a big group of hem so we have to protect you for now." The other explained. Everyone met eyes and I heard the sobs collect all around the room.

Melanie and I sat in a corner, cuddled, and cried. This is so ridiculously coincidental...


"I'm going to go to the bathroom." Melanie sniffled. She kissed me softly on the cheek and left the room. I opened my phone and decided to tweet.

@Calum5SOS: Just so ya'll know, @AmyReyes016 was murdered tonight 😔

A few people literally started celebrating to my anger. I blocked people like that. Many fans were sympathetic now. Though, that will only lay for a little while before they get mad about us my doing anything.

After being on Twitter for nearly an hour, I realized that Melanie hadn't come back. I arose from my corner and walked into the hallway.

I arrived at the bathroom to find a folded paper on the sink.

That's never a good sign...

I unfolded it with shakes hands and started to read.

"To whomever finds this,

I've run away. This chain of deaths is just too coincidental. I'm the last girl. If I stay, I'm sure to die soon. I'm sorry guys. :( ️xx


I screamed at the top of my lungs and fell against the wall. Mental agony. That is a great way to describe everything nowadays.

Mental agony.


Diana couldn't have killed herself.

Any couldn't have been murdered.

Melanie couldn't have run away....

I really hope that you guys are enjoying it and it isn't making you upset. The sequel will hold happier times.

Thank you for reading.


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