natural disasters ➵ a.f.i.

Amy, Melanie, and Diana live a normal life. Fun, caring, loving best friends...

That's until they meet 4 life ruining boys


13. Chapter 13

Chapter 13


Amy's POV

I walked around on my crutches a few times. "This is good!" I smiled at the nurse.

"Great!" She grinned. "I guess we can release you now?"

"Yeah." I smiled politely as she filled out some papers for my release. I used my crutches to walk down the hallway when I saw a very stressed and upset looking Harry Styles standing by a door. I sped up and gave him a perplexed look as he saw me.

"What's going on?" I asked him. His head dropped and tears fell from his eyes. I peeked in the room to see the rest of the boys with Michael and Ashton. Diana laid in the hospital bed.

What happened?

"Harry, what's wrong with Diana?" I asked. The same nurse that released me pushed my back a bit.

"Are you going?" She said cheerfully. I turned to her. I wasn't getting anywhere with Harry so why not try her?

"What happened to the girl in there?" I asked. She peeked in the room and a sad look covered her face.

"Oh her. She attempted suicide. I'm not sure what's going on now." she shrugged. "Why? Do you know her?"

"Uh, yes!" I said, getting very worried now. "She's been my best friend for years!"

"Oh, I hope she's okay." She said, frowning. "Would you like me to check on her?"

"Please." I said. She nodded and opened the door and walked over to the other nurse. They exchanged a few words before she came back, looking tremendously troubled.

"I'm sorry... She didn't make it..." She said, frowning at the ground. I gasped as tears started falling down my cheeks faster than ever before.

She can't be.



Melanie's POV

Calum picked up his phone as it played his obnoxious ringtone that he refused to change. Luke sat alone on the the side of the bus on his phone. Calum and I have been playing x-box for hours and Luke won't join. Calum tried to cuddle with him so now he's mad at us.

"Hello?" Calum said as he picked up the phone. "... Hey Paul! How's dat security life of yours?..."

What a dork...

"... Paul?!" He said. He looked like he was about to burst in tears.


Okay, serious poop is going on...

"A-are you sure?" He said as the first tear rolled down his cheek. "I-oh...Okay..." He said. He started to tremble and dropped his phone. I pulled him into a hug immediately.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"M-Melanie!" He gasped out. Luke stood and walked over, obviously perplexed like me.

"What is it Calum?" I asked. Now I'm scared.

"D-D-Diana..." He cringed. "Is... d-dead."

"WHAT?!?" I yelped, pulling back from the hug. I arose from the couch and flew out of the bus. I ran into the 1D bus to find a rope hanging from the celling and a weight connected on one end while a odd looking tie on the other. I walked over and examined the odd contraption.

I don't know, but this looks like something that someone would hang themselves on...

I started to lose my balance and grabbed the bunk beside me so I wouldn't fall. I felt something sharp under my hand and pulled it to my face, shaking and tearing up now.

"I'm sorry."

A small paper with so much meaning.

Diana killed herself...

I heard a loud yelp as Luke walked in the room. Both of he boys appeared by my side and Calum took the note from my hand and read it.

"NO!" I yelled, running outside and staring at the sky. "NO!"

This cannot be happening!

A/N : I know this may be depressing for some of you guys but it'll get better. More in the sequel (which I've already written haha, you won't have to wait for all the chapters) is where it gets better.

I really hope this shows some of you guys that this isn't the way out. It hurts everybody around you. I've never known anyone who's done this yet but I've had friends consider it. I can't imagine life without them. You don't understand how much you mean to anybody that you know in the slightest bit.

You all mean so much to me.

If you're looking for a reason to NOT kill yourself, this is it. ❤️ And THIS, is that I love you :D

Much love and wishes of your happiness :) xx


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