natural disasters ➵ a.f.i.

Amy, Melanie, and Diana live a normal life. Fun, caring, loving best friends...

That's until they meet 4 life ruining boys


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Birthday Presents and Hot YouTube Singers

Amy's POV

I laughed as Melanie picked up a bag of American Apperal underware and waved them around.

"Perfect for you. We are totally getting this." She sassed and threw them at me.

"Yeah, cause everybody finds american apperal underware to be highly attractive. I think we should all save up to buy some of this exclusive underware that nobody will ever see except ourselves." I said while placing it back on the rack.

"I have enough for it." Diana said pulling out her wallet and looking at the coins.

"Whatever." I laughed. "O-M-G, this fits your personallity." I said picking up a pink and black polka-dotted bra and waving it in Melanie's face. She laughed.

We were shopping in random stores for my birthday. My best friends ever, Melanie and Diana, had insisted on it because they didn't know what I wanted. I was finally 16 and not throwing the huge sweeet sixteen birthday party that every human being looked forward to because nobody would show up. Like I cared.

I don't fit in at school. They judge from how you were as a younger child and they judged me for my hyperactive mood in grade 6. Of course, I found it annoying that they judge from how you used to be but personally, I don't want to be one of those dumb popular people. What could that do for you? Make you have fun for a while but then, nobody cares when you need support.

Diana learned that the hard way. She was going through an emotional time in her life when her father died of cancer. One girl, Maddie Hensworth, was having a party the day of the funeral and of course, she was a mess and she didn't want to go. When she told her that, Maddie told her off and everybody in the "popular crowd" started hating her. I felt so bad for her and so one day I asked her if she was okay after being told off by her ex-boyfriend.We kind of bonded from that day on. All she needed was support.

Melanie and I met at a younger age. We grew up as neigbors and we really became good friends in grade 8. I was so glad to have friends like them. They love and support me in everything I do and I wouldn't give them up for anything in the world. Not even to be best friends with One Direction and that's saying something...

Melanie bought me a One Direction t-shirt with an itunes card and chocolate (she knows me very well) and Diana bought me a Green Day album, Dookie, with a tub of ice cream. I never listened to Green Day but Diana was obsessed with them so I agreed to try it out.

Melanie drove to our favorite pizza place while Diana blasted the album (which I loved by the way). We ate the usual, meat lovers, and drove back to my house. My parents had an ice cream cake ready for me with several gifts. After hanging out with my little sister, Erin,and the rest of my family, Melanie, Diana, and I went downstairs to set up our matress.

When everybody was completly ready for bed, we sat up on my laptop and watched YouTube videos. We really liked to watch covers and rate them. Some of them were okay but one of them was acceptionally good. It was a blond hot boy that played guitar and sang.

We went on his channel and found out that they were a band called "5 Seconds of Summer" with three boys that lived extremly close to us. They posted a message saying that they were doing a gig.

"We should go." Diana said. "It's..." She pulled out her phone and typed in the adress of the hotel. "8.4 miles away."

"Lets do it." I agreed,

"So your best birthday present is watching hot boys perform live in a few weeks." Diana giggled.

"Hey." Melanie snapped. "The boy with the black hair is MINE!" She sarcastically sassed.

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