Worthy of Love

(The name has nothing to do with Vampire diaries okay even though her character descripton is the same person. I just really like the name but the story has nothing to do with Vamps okay? okay. ) Kathryn Fae Pierce doesn't care what people say about her. She doesn't care that the boys go around school telling people that they slept with her. She's a virgin and as long as she knows it, she doesn't care what anyone else thinks. Grayson Moon, the new kid from England doesn't seem to know what to think of Kathryn. However when his instantly popular sister, Hazel, throws a slumber party and Kathryn is invited, he finds out more about the stubborn, beautiful girl than anyone has even known. Could there be more to her than the sexy school whore? Or will her high school life be lost behind her label alone with the rest of her life.


4. Chapter 4

I woke up Friday morning and groaned, grabbing Audrey and cuddling back into bed with her.

“Get uppppp Kathryn.” She grumbled into my ear and attempted to push me out of bed. I sighed dramatically and stood up. I grabbed a grey tank-top with the words Ugh written across. Audrey threw a pair of black leggings at me then skipped out of my room and up the stairs. I straightened my hair and did my make-up quickly before running up the stairs so I could talk to my mom. I took a deep breath. This was going to be a huge shock to her, it still is to me. And I knew what she would say, ‘Oh my god sweetie of course you can. This is great!’ and so on. She’d gush like crazy.’

“Mom?” I asked tentatively. She turned around from the spot where she stood, making Audrey’s sandwich in the kitchen.

“Yes sweetheart?” She asked in her sincere mom like voice.

“Uhm, can I go to a friend’s house tonight?” I said quickly, getting it out and over with. She stood there, staring at me. I braced myself for the gushing.

She forced the huge smile to stop from exploding across her face. I waited as she took a deep breath. “Sure, honey. Have fun.” I felt like my face formed into a question mark. Where was the explosive gushing? The tears of happiness? Where was it all?

“Oh, uhm, thanks.” I walked away then. Going to the living room, but not before I saw the huge uncontrollably grin appear on her face as she turned around. I smiled inwardly and stifled a laugh.

I caught up with Hazel at our lockers right before the bell rang. Only a few other people were around this time. They stared at me disgustedly before continuing their conversation with Hazel.

“So I’ll see you guys tonight?” Hazel said cheerily and I silently groaned. Maybe this is a mistake. I shouldn’t go.

“Yeah of course!”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world!”

They all gushed to her pathetically. Of course Hazel became popular as soon as she walked through those doors. She was breath taking, absolutely gorgeous. She was also the only person to talk to me (without saying something crude or mean) to me since the 6th grade. She was nice to me. It was weird. I grabbed my books and leant against my locker while they continued to talk to her until the bell rang. Hazel smiled at me and we walked to AP English.

“They talk a lot.” She said, smiling sweetly, like always.

“They follow you around and gush over you every moment that they can.” I laughed and she joined in.

“People weren’t like that back home.” She sighed. “I hate how mean they all are to you.”

“It doesn’t bother me. I don’t like them and I don’t care if they like me. I know all the things they say are terrible and what the boys say are worse but it really doesn’t get to me at all.” I told her. She was quiet for a few moments and the silence was getting awkward. “So uhm, tell me about England. Do you miss it?” That got her talking.

“Yeah I miss it. I had to leave behind all my friends. I grew up with them all, and it was hard to leave them. I definitely do not miss the weather though. It was horrid.” She laughed.

English was boring, and all I could do was stare at Grayson. I couldn’t help it, he was really attractive. He had never even talked to me. I hated how he made me feel, I’ve never been affected by a boy like that before. He made me feel weak in the knees and it was pathetic. Hazel brought my attention away from the back of Grayson’s head by handing me a small piece of paper.

304 19 avenue SE

(although you probably already knew SE because obvs from our meeting at the park you could tell we live near you x)

Come around 5 ish probably. You can come earlier. And I know you say it doesn’t bother you but I’ll get seriously pissed if anyone’s mean to you.

I laughed quietly and gave her a thumb’s up before tucking the note in my pocket and turning my attention, finally, to the teacher.

I was alone at lunch, per usual. Hazel always had people surrounding her and she could never get away without them following her. I sat against a wall in the hallway and grabbed a book from my bag. I never had a lunch, I didn’t get hungry at school and my mom always had something ready for me when I got home.

“Yeah I fucked her last night.” I heard someone say from the group of boys standing across from me.

“Alright mate.” I heard Grayson’s undeniably sexy, deep, accented voice say from the midst of the group.

“I’m not kidding. She’s such a whore, she would have sex with anyone.” The guy I now recognized as Sam said, laughing. They obviously hadn’t seen me.

“Whatever man. Are you guys still coming over tonight?” Grayson asked.

“Yeah.” Sam said. “Is Hazel still having her hot friends over?”

Grayson rolled his eyes and nodded. I stuck my headphones in and cranked up the music, going back to reading my book.

I had to go home first after school. I emptied my book bag and stuffed a change of clothes and some pajama pants into it. I sat on my bed and read until 5, before getting up and walking down the street to Hazels. Grayson opened the door for me, his entire frame was blocking anyway of entry.

“I didn’t know you were coming.” He said. I kind of stared at him like an idiot for a few moments before collecting myself.

“Oh well uhm. Here I am.” Here I am? I’m an idiot.

“Yes,” he laughed. “Here you are. Well come on in. Hazel and her friends are just in the living room.” He moved out of the way, allowing me access. The way he looked me in the eye when he talked made me uncomfortable. It seemed like he could stare into my soul and know all my secrets. Grayson made his way back over to Sam and Kale, who were sitting at the kitchen counter, gorging out on nachos.

The girls stared at me silently and surprised as I approached.

“Kathryn you made it!” Hazel rushed over to me, taking my hand and leading me back to the couch. The continued to stare.

“What is she doing here?” A blonde girl scoffed from the other side of the room. I saw Grayson look up from over there and look over at me. He kept his eyes on me and I heard Hazel sigh beside me.

“Because I invited her. She’s my friend.” She responded, and smiled. A couple girls sighed and some laughed but I could barely concentrate on them with Grayson staring at me. I chewed on my lip nervously and he finally looked away, to take a nacho from the bowl.

“Can we do our nails now?” A chubby girl named Hannah whined from the couch beside us. Hazel nodded and turned to me, whispering.

“Can you go down the hall and grab some towels from the closet?” She pleaded to me. I nodded, standing up and going down the dark hall. The towels were on the top shelf in the closet and I couldn’t reach no matter how high I reached.

“Need some help there?” Grayson’s appearance behind me made me jump. I turned around, he was only a couple inches away.

“Yes please.” I said softly and he moved closer, trapping me against the shelf as he reached up effortlessly and grabbed a small stack of light blue towels. I held my breath as he pulled away and handed me the towels. I could tell he was smirking even though I could barely see him in the dark.

“There you go love.” He said and turned, walking down the hall and leaving me there breathless. I took a few deep breaths and walked back to the girls. Nothing even happened. Why is my heart beating so fast?

I smiled as I handed Hazel the towels and knelt down beside her.

“Ew, I don’t want a towel that she touched?” A redhead with a high-pitched voice complained as Hazel handed her a towel. A couple other girls murmured in agreement. Hazel looked pissed.

“Hazel please don’t do anything, it’s fine.” I whispered pleadingly to her. I didn’t want her to cause a scene about it. She took a deep breath and put a smile back on her face.

“Okay, well they are here if you need them.” She said, setting them down and standing up, going to the kitchen. Grayson said something to her that I couldn’t hear and she just nodded, narrowing her eyes in this direction. I turned around as a blonde girl came in front of me. No one was looking at me so no one noticed that she was smiling at me.

“Hi.” She whispered. “I’m Lucy. Can I paint your nails?” I raised one eyebrow at her and smiled when no signs of joking or sarcasm were evident on her face.

“Sure.” I whispered back and handed her the deep purple color that I chose. She spread my fingers out flat against the table and expertly painted my nails. Hazel came back and sat beside me. She didn’t say anything but she kept glancing at us as she painted a girl named Ashley’s nails. 

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