Worthy of Love

(The name has nothing to do with Vampire diaries okay even though her character descripton is the same person. I just really like the name but the story has nothing to do with Vamps okay? okay. ) Kathryn Fae Pierce doesn't care what people say about her. She doesn't care that the boys go around school telling people that they slept with her. She's a virgin and as long as she knows it, she doesn't care what anyone else thinks. Grayson Moon, the new kid from England doesn't seem to know what to think of Kathryn. However when his instantly popular sister, Hazel, throws a slumber party and Kathryn is invited, he finds out more about the stubborn, beautiful girl than anyone has even known. Could there be more to her than the sexy school whore? Or will her high school life be lost behind her label alone with the rest of her life.


3. Chapter 3

I showed Hazel to each of her classes, we had all but one class together. We had our 2 AP classes together; English and Calculus. Grayson was in those classes too, I found it hard to concentrate on the teacher and not be staring at him.  It was last period that we didn’t have together so after showing her the way to her class I went to mine. She had band that period, I was musically impaired, I wouldn’t be able to play an instrument to save my life. Drama was a different story for me though, I fell easily into the hidden characters behind the scripts and improvisation groups. My drama teacher spoke with such a passion that it was impossible not to listen.

I sat silently as she chose a random selection of students for the improv skit we were about to do. She called my name and I begrudgingly stood up and joined the group on stage. They all took a step away from me as I came closer.

“I saw her walking around with Hazel today. Poor Hazel.” I heard someone whisper.

“Alright class. The theme for this skit is a shark attack at the beach. Kathryn why don’t you start”

I stepped forward from the straight line like we are supposed to do when we want to speak.

“Help, she was bit, does anyone know first aid!” I shrieked.

“I do!” A girl claimed stepping forward. I stepped back in line and let them continue on with the skit.

The bell rang for the end of the day and as I walked back to my locker I saw the group of girls again. But this time they were explaining something to Hazel urgently. I got closer as I heard them talking to her.

“We are just trying to warn you Hazel. Don’t talk to her, you’ll get a bad reputation. She’s a whore, she sleeps with every guy in our grade.”

“Basically every guy in our school.” Another girl piped in.

Hazel looked confused and even a little disbelieving. I stood there as one of the girls turned around and made an unattractive snort-laugh sound. “Eavesdrop much. Leave Hazel alone from now on, she doesn’t need to catch your disease.” I ignored her and stuck my books in my locker before leaving. Hazel didn’t say anything. She just walked away with Grayson as he turned around the corner to come get her. I refused to let myself look at either of them as I hurried out the front doors to my car.

My mom was painting Audrey’s stubby fingernails when I got home. She was having trouble getting Audrey to stay still.

“Stay still Audrey or else it will get all over you.” My mom sounded frustrated. She gave me a pleading look and I laughed, taking her place.

“Sit down Re.” I told her. I called her Re for short. I have ever since she was a baby. It kind of stuck. “Stay still so I can make your hands look pretty.”

I applied the shiny pink nail polish to her nails. She tried her best not to wiggle around. I blew on her wet nails to help them dry faster because I knew she would be running around as soon as I let her go and there would be no way her nails would stay nice. I leaned back for a second to screw the cap onto the nail polish and she moved to get up. I shot her a look that said ‘don’t you dare’ and she sat back down and leant back in her chair.

“Stay here and blow on your nails. I’ll tell you when you’re done.” I said, standing up. I washed the dishes so mom could make dinner and by the time I was done, Audrey’s nails had dried and she was running around once again. I went down to my room and grabbed a book off my book off my book shelf and sat in my window seat. My window seat was parallel with the outside ground and I had a ground level view of everything out front. I could see all the way to the park and I was always the first to know when someone was coming.

I fell asleep reading I guess because I woke up the next morning in my bed, with Audrey jumping on me again.

I didn’t see Hazel at the lockers again, but she was still in the seat next to mine in history. The classes were switched around throughout the week. They were the same courses just in different periods. I had drama first so History was second period. She smiled at me as I sat down, confusing me further. After Me. Falter’s Lesson we were working on our own, just finding facts in the text books about Gladiators. Hazel leaned over to talk to me.

“Hey I’m having this slumber party kind of thing. Just a huge sleepover, on Friday. I was wondering if you wanted to come.” I stared at her like a moron. No one ever talks to me, much less asks me to a sleepover. I felt like a new kid in elementary school who just made her first friend. I nodded after a few moments and she smiled before turning back to her textbook. I had no idea what I had just gotten myself into.

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