Worthy of Love

(The name has nothing to do with Vampire diaries okay even though her character descripton is the same person. I just really like the name but the story has nothing to do with Vamps okay? okay. ) Kathryn Fae Pierce doesn't care what people say about her. She doesn't care that the boys go around school telling people that they slept with her. She's a virgin and as long as she knows it, she doesn't care what anyone else thinks. Grayson Moon, the new kid from England doesn't seem to know what to think of Kathryn. However when his instantly popular sister, Hazel, throws a slumber party and Kathryn is invited, he finds out more about the stubborn, beautiful girl than anyone has even known. Could there be more to her than the sexy school whore? Or will her high school life be lost behind her label alone with the rest of her life.


2. Chapter 2

The thing about my alarm is that sadly, there’s no snooze button. Not even an off button. Like clockwork, Audrey wakes me up at 7 am every single weekday morning. Weekends she at least lets me sleep in until 9. I’m not going to complain because I’d never get up otherwise. I crawled out of my bed as Audrey plunked down on my window seat. I rubbed my eyes and walked to my closet I slid on some black leggings and a black tank-top with all the phases of the moon on it. All I usually wore were solid color leggings like black and grey and graphic tank-tops and of course lulu sweaters. It was my look.

“Curled or straight?” I asked my mom who stood at the doorway. Audrey was still on my window seat reading her magic tree house book. She is always reading.

“Curled.” My mom answered and came behind me, brushing out my hair. I have always had a great relationship with her. And sometimes it’s easy to forget how much this all broke her and we can act normally for once. I miss that so much. I know all she wants is for me to have a friend. I handed her my curling iron and she began to curl the long dark hair on my head. It was always so soothing doing things like this with her. It never lasted long though.

She was finished in about 10 minutes and the moment was over. She patted my shoulders and smiled before leaving again. I grabbed my make-up kit and went to my bathroom beside my walk in closet. I quickly did my usual routine: a thin line of black eyeliner on the top and bottom with small symmetrical wings on both eyes. I quickly blinked on a little bit of mascara. I didn’t need foundation or anything because I took care of my face and washed it every day in the shower. Audrey came and stood beside me and I bent down and put some of my light red lip-gloss that tasted like cherries, on her. She mimicked me smacking my lips together. She looked so concentrated on smacking them right, it looked hilarious so I laughed a little. She burst into laughter at my small chuckle. Her laugh was so adorable.

Audrey never had any trouble making friends. She had sleepovers and play-dates all the time. We both walked up the stairs to the kitchen/living room area. I laid down on the white classy couch and took out my phone. Everything in this house was white, white walls, white furniture, white carpet. Everything is so classy with my mom. She thinks it gives it a peaceful vibe. My mom was busy packing Audrey’s lunch kit into her Frozen themed backpack. Audrey raced to put on her little pink sweater. I took the backpack from my mom and kissed her cheek. I slung my cute little black book bag thing that had Live Die Repeat scrolled across it, over my shoulder. I walked out the door with Audrey and climbed into my car. I watched as she ran across the street to her bus stop and was instantly crowded by a group of her friends. I started my engine and drove to school.

It wasn’t different than any other day. The halls were crowded and loud. I stuck my head-phones in and turned up my music. A group of skinny, dolled up girls were standing in front of my locker. Well more like crowding. I cleared my throat obnoxiously and they gave me looks of disgust before moving. As I moved away there stood, a certain small British girl putting books in an open locker. Right next to mine.

I stood awkwardly as the group of girls continued to stare at me as if I have a disease that they can get just by being near me. I sighed and decided just to open my locker anyway. She probably didn’t even remember my name so it wasn’t a big deal anyway. She turned around as I reached out to open my locker.

“Oh! Kathryn right?” She exclaimed flashing a brilliantly white smile. The group of girls began to murmur at that fact that someone talked to me. I nodded quickly and opened my locker as the bell rang. The girls scurried off to class leaving me along with Hazel. She stared at her schedule looking somewhat lost. I grabbed my note book and a couple pencils, sticking them into my book bag and closed my locker.

“What class do you have first?” I asked her as she continued to stare at the piece of paper in her hands.

“History.” She said. “Although I don’t know where it is.”

“Don’t worry about it, I have history too, I’ll show you.” I might as well try to be nice to her if she was going to bother to talk to me. Those girls will tell her soon enough how much of a “slut” I am and it won’t matter after that. She walked in step beside me as I led her down the long corridor and turned right to an open space that resembled a circle and had classrooms around the walls. I walked to the classroom we were supposed to be in and stepped in right as the second bell rang. I could feel stares of my classmates shooting daggers into my back. I walked over to the teacher and introduced Hazel to him. He grumpily told us to sit down.

“Well he seems nice.” Hazel whispered to me and I laughed quietly. It felt weird to laugh. I knew I should stop. She’s not supposed to be nice to me, that’s not how it works. She sat beside me and took out a cute little sparkly pink notebook and some animal print pencils. They looked like middle schooler supplies but they suit her somehow.  I pulled out my plain blue notebooks and plain pencils as Mr. Falter started his lecture.  He may be grumpy but he brings history to life.

“Roman history. Roman history is an interesting topic.” I scrolled ‘Roman History’ across the top of a blank page as he continued speaking. “Now, who here knows anything about gladiators? No one? Great. We have a lot to learn here.”                                                                                                                   

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