Fans And Tours

Hey. I'm Lizzie. Louis Tomlinson is a member of 1D. That's why I love him, but does he love me?
Lizzie meets Louis at a concert, when she is invited to come backstage. Fireworks exploded between them instantly, but will fans and tours get in the way of their relationship? (Book 2 May come out, if you like soon)


2. WHAT!?!

"That's what makes you beautiful! Oh oh! That's what makes you beautiful!" Oh my GOSH!!! I can't believe I'm actually here! At a real 1D concert! 

It's my birthday prezzie, this concert I mean. And WOW!!! It was like Louis Tomlinson was singing it straight at me! 

Louis Tomlinson. Ahhh. Don't you just LOVE the way his hair flops into his eyes, in just the right way! Ooh! They're about to do the Raffle! 

The Raffle is when all the audiences names into a massive barrel, which is turned round a lot, then a member of 1D will pick a name out, and I always hope it's me! Even if I'm at home!

It's Louis' turn now! Imagine it: him, gently reaching in then saying...

"Lizzie Alls!" Yeah, like that. Wait, WHAT!!! He said my name! MY name! All of the band look around, looking for ME! I skip happily to the edge of the stage, then nervously smoothed my dress down and walked on. 

Louis grinned at me, then, as if he saw my face properly, gawped. I giggled, and walked towards them, one step at a time. This is it, I kept thinking to myself, This is your moment to shine.

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