Fans And Tours

Hey. I'm Lizzie. Louis Tomlinson is a member of 1D. That's why I love him, but does he love me?
Lizzie meets Louis at a concert, when she is invited to come backstage. Fireworks exploded between them instantly, but will fans and tours get in the way of their relationship? (Book 2 May come out, if you like soon)


3. Hmmm...

I hung my head and tried to get Louis attention. You know, coughing every so often and tripping a lot. Well. Tripping is normal for me. 

Eventually, we arrived at the boys' place. Well 'place' is an understatement. Mansion suits the house better. The boys laughed at my astonished face, and I blushed red under my sheet of hair that concealed half of my face. Louis grinned and grabbed hold of my hand. My Palm grew warm, and tingled pleasantly. 

"Come on, I'll show you around!"

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