The Life of Teddy Weston

Life is not as easy for Teddy as it is for everyone else, you see Teddy has found himself falling in love countless times, but not in this way, no this is completely new to him, this is real. And it all happens while on a vacation in England.


1. Characters

Teddy Weston - A young lad full of hope and love, despite coming from quite a poor neighborhood.

Gary Johnson - A troubled young man, who constantly struggle to keep himself within the limits of the law.

Jim Harrow - Teddy and Gary´s very best friend a great lad from the wealthy part of the city.

Magnus - A friend of Teddy, with some interesting hobbies.

Coleen - A nice beautiful girl who both Jim, Gary and Teddy is secretly in love with.

Mia - Coleen´s best girl-friend and a good friend of Gary as well.

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