The Life of Teddy Weston

Life is not as easy for Teddy as it is for everyone else, you see Teddy has found himself falling in love countless times, but not in this way, no this is completely new to him, this is real. And it all happens while on a vacation in England.


2. A new start

This story begins in a Danish city called Esbjerg in the southwest of Jutland. We are in the poor neighborhood of East Esbjerg. It started out as every other Tuesday morning. I grabbed two slices of bread and put them in my mouth while I swung my schoolbag up on my shoulder. I grabbed the two pieces of bread again and yelled "Bye" then i walked out the door and down the street until I reached my old mate Gary´s house. He told me to wait a second while he grabbed a little box in which he had his food. As we started to walk down our road towards the school we started our usual talk about girls and all that stuff. "You know I got some of them chocolates in my bag, you know the Twix bars" he said to me "Yeah really, I heard ya parents told ya to quit that kinda sugar" I answered him. "Nah I know they don´t really mean it man, hey you got ya phone on ya?" he asked me "Well yes, why?" I asked him "You know I thought we could check out some of them hotties on the internet" he told me with his face shining with sheer excitement. "Go ahead you" I passed him the phone. "What´s ya password" he asked "Mia" I said with a low voice hoping he wouldn´t hear me. He knew I had been in love with Mia for quite a long time now, but i still felt uncomfortable telling him. It felt like we had been walking for years, but finally we had reached the school. We walked into the class just as the clock rang. We had Danish the whole day, it wasn´t my favorite subject, but I did like our teacher Mr Gardner he understood me very well.  In the sixth lesson Mr Gardner announced that the school had been chosen by the county council as one out of three school who could participate in a competition in which two students could win a trip to England with a Student travel school agency called IP.

A quick interference:  

I think some of you knows where this is going, don´t you? well, let´s hope you´re right.

Thanks for your time feel free to start reading again. :)

So of course Gary signed both of us up for this competition even though i had no interest in participating. I knew I wouldn´t win it anyways so why try. But here comes the crazy bit, the very next day i found out that I had won it. At first i didn´t know how to react but then i managed to put myself together and go and give Gary one hell of a hug and thank him for signing me up. At that point the second student who had won hadn´t been selected. As Gary, Jim and I walked home again i found out that Gary too had won. All three of us were happy as ever. We were going to England in just three months.

So that was the first chapter of the story. I hope you liked it, did it go as you had expected or not? 

Winning that kind of a prize huh? how do you even celebrate that?


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