No Control

Carter Rose Winchester is a 17 year old girl. . she has been bullied all her life till she was pulled out freshman year. she began to cut she was so depressed. everything people said she took it to heart. 5 boys kept her from suicide one night when their song came on. she vowed to make herself everything people told her she couldn't be, including her own parents.

©Copyrights of Krista Bluhm 2015 All Rights Reserved


11. The Secret.

(Carter's POV)

*8 months later*

So it has been quite some time since I have seen any of the boys. They have been on tour for the last 6 months. The girls and I hang out all the time. In all honesty they might as well have moved in. They literally never leave my house. But then again it is not really a bad thing. We go to the movies, Starbucks and of course shop till we drop. And we have been keeping a pretty BIG secret from the boys.

"Hey Carter?" Perrie called from the living room.

"What's up Perrie?" I asked.

"Can you get the rest of the girls? The boys are requesting a video chat." She told me. The girls and I all sat at the table. I was slightly off to the side. After about two hours of talking to them they had a concert so we logged off and were going to head to the mall.

"Car, I can not believe you are still keeping this a secret from them." Dani said.

"Listen, I don't think it is a very good idea to do this to them Carter." Olivia told me.

"You need to tell them what's going on, It is only fair." Perrie added.

"Come on Carter. We are all right." Elenor added.

"This is what we are going to do." I started. "The boys are going to be coming home in two weeks. In the amount of time from now to then we are going to set it all up."

"YAYYYYY" They all cheered. We went into so many stores. Perrie was on clothes duty, Olivia on furniture and toys, Elenor on food, and Dani and I were getting paint and wall paper. when we were all done we met back at the house.

Day after day we set everything up. One of the connected spare rooms was turned into the boys bedroom while the other was turned into the girls. In the combo bathroom we set up a double wide changing table and outside of the door two rockers with a night stand, lamp and bottle warmer. The place looked amazing. And the boys were going to be here in 2 hours. We all piled into the car. I am now 8 and a half months pregnant. It kinda happened the night of the wedding. We got to the airport and watched as the boys came off of the plane each looking at their girl friends and then Niall's eyes widened and he elbowed the others. Soon they were all staring at my abdomen.

"Carter. Are you- Is this- I love you." He said picking me up and spinning me around. "And I love you too baby, whichever you are." I then unbuttoned my coat revealing my shirt. It had a picture of the latest Ultrasound the girl in pink and boy in blue. Niall's eyes got even bigger and he crashed his soft lips into mine. All the boys were excited. Niall was chanting. "I'm gonna be a dad!" and the rest of the boys, "We're going to be uncles." And the girls, well the had their moment when the found out.


"Come on Carter! We are ready to go to Starbucks!" Dani shouted.

"She is in the bathroom throwing up again." Elenor said.

"You don't think she's pregnant do you?" Olivia asked.

"She can't be. Can she?" Perrie asked.

"Uhm, well... I am kinda 3 months Pregnant." I told them. The erupted in screams and jumping up and down screaming "We are going to be aunts."

(End of Flashback)

We arrived home and they immediately wanted to go shopping for the babies.

"Well why don't you go freshen up first all of you." I told them. They walked back to the room and turned around.

"You guys did all of this without us?" Harry asked.

"Well duh, we are girls and we love to shop. What else were we gonna do?" Olivia responded.

"But don't worry, You guys can go shopping tomorrow for more clothes. They can never have too many." I told them all.

We sat down to watch a movie when Niall decided to sing to the kids instead. He leaned his head forward and started to sing Little things to them. Then the rest of the boys joined in. When the song was over Niall placed both hands on my stomach, one on each side and kissed it. When the kids kicked him at the same time.

"No, we don't kick daddy." He told them. I just giggled as everyone placed a had on me.

"So any names picked out yet?" Zayn asked.

"Actually, No. I wanted Niall to help." I replied.

"Okay, I say Emma Grace, and you pick the boy." He told me.

"How about.. Dayton James?" I asked.

"That sounds perfect." He told me. We all ate dinner together and then went to our own homes.

I rolled over and felt the bed was wet. I sat up and felt a very strong pain. Oh shit. I thought to myself. I looked at the clock. 2:16 am. "Niall. Ni. Baby wake up." I said.

"Babe. Why is the bed all we-- Oh my gosh let's go. NOW!" HE picked me up and grabbed my overnight bag. He sat me in the passenger seat and we sped off to the hospital.

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