No Control

Carter Rose Winchester is a 17 year old girl. . she has been bullied all her life till she was pulled out freshman year. she began to cut she was so depressed. everything people said she took it to heart. 5 boys kept her from suicide one night when their song came on. she vowed to make herself everything people told her she couldn't be, including her own parents.

©Copyrights of Krista Bluhm 2015 All Rights Reserved


1. The Plan.

(Carters POV)

I walked into my white one room apartment. It was tiny, very tiny. I had a plan, and it had to work. I just needed $1000 more. It was down to counting tips. I had to work in the salon and gym. it was the most exhausting thing. I barley had slept at all. I pulled out my tips and began counting. (10 minutes later) 987.50. That's it. I can't do this. I had found a place in London, it was big. it was my dream home, and it was move in ready. I wanted to leave America and start over. I was so close. I just needed that last bit of money for a cab to the airport, my plane ticket, and my cab money to the house, and I sunk. My ticket was $850, I needed 110 for the total in cab money plus I needed dinner tonight and money for groceries. I decided to give up. I walked out the door and locked it behind me carrying $20 in my pocket to eat. I walked into the local diner and got a coffee and my dinner. I ate in peace till Becca came inside. I can't stand Becca.

"Ha, look guys, Carter the little skank whore still cant find a way to get away!" she laughed.

"Awe poor little bitch." one of her friends added.

I paid and turned to walk out.

"Carter, I am so sorry, I didn't mean to be late." A guy I have never seen before said to me.

"Uhmm.." He winked at me hinting to go with it. "No it's okay, I was just going to go to your place." I said.

"Oh, well sit babe." He pulled a chair out and kissed my cheek as I blushed a little. Becca knew she was defeated and walked out with her squad.

"Sorry." I told the gentleman.

"Oh, No it's fine. I just saw them gang up on you and couldn't let a beauty like yourself take that." I blushed again.

"Well thank you but I must get home. If I ever want to make my dreams come true."

"Maybe I can help." He pulled out 2 $100's. "Will this help?" My eyes widened.

"I'm sorry I can't take your money."

"Oh, Well how about I trade you this for a date?"

"Uhmm, What?" I asked him confused.

"Listen, I live in London, and I don't get out much, But the lads and I decided to go clubbing next weekend back home. would you like to go with me tonight instead?"

"Uhm, well..."
"You don't have to, I get it."

"Walk with me to my place. I'll go." I told him.

We walked the 3 blocks to my apartment.

"Wow, Small place you've got."
"Yeah I know. That's why I have been saving to move to London for the past 2 years."

"Oh, Is that why you need the money?'

"Uhm, yeah sort of. I cant really purchase the house unless in person and I'm a bit off from the ticket over."

"Well, how about instead of going out we pack your stuff and you get on my jet tomorrow morning at 8. Saves you money, Plus we can still have that date there."

"Well, I guess.."

He pulled off his hat and sunglasses as well as oversized coat. And there in front of me was none other than Niall James Horan.

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