No Control

Carter Rose Winchester is a 17 year old girl. . she has been bullied all her life till she was pulled out freshman year. she began to cut she was so depressed. everything people said she took it to heart. 5 boys kept her from suicide one night when their song came on. she vowed to make herself everything people told her she couldn't be, including her own parents.

©Copyrights of Krista Bluhm 2015 All Rights Reserved


9. Our Big Day.

(Niall's POV)

I knew she was scared, and I knew that I had to try and help so that's what I did. The next year flew by. Everything. We went to the beach, I took her to meet my family, she came on tour for 6 months, we did so much together. She stopped cutting. She was no longer depressed. She started keeping a personal journal, of course I was the only other person allowed to read it. And today was the day we have planned together. The day of our wedding.

I stood at the end of the aisle waiting to see the love of my life walk down to me. I watched as Perrie, Elenor, Danielle and Harry's girlfriend Olivia, They are serious, and have been together for a while now. They all wore a flowy pink gown with beading at the top.


(The bridesmaids gowns)

That's when I noticed my love of my life coming straight for me in her beautiful wedding gown. I was smiling from ear to ear. I could not believe this day had finally come. The day that we would finally become one.

(Carter's Dress)

We said our I do's and I kissed her like every girl dreams to be kissed. We had the reception later that day and then went on the honey moon. Of course everyone wants to know what happened right?

We walked into the hotel room in Paris. We didn't even take time to look around. I locked the door behind me and tore off her clothes as she did mine. I'll admit I was extremely excited. I kissed down her neck. And went down on her. She was enjoying it too because she held my head there and played with my hair. And that's when we didn't waste a second. I looked at her for permission and she nodded. I pushed into her allowed her to adjust and started pumping. She screamed my name. And we had sex for hours. I had came inside her 6 times before we had a noise complaint. We dressed quickly and opened the door to get a stern look from an older couple, once they noticed how young we were and the rings on our fingers the apologized and walked away. I smiled at her and we headed for another round. At some point we must have fallen asleep because I woke up with her naked on top of me. I tried not to wake her but failed.

"Good morning my Beautiful wife." I greeted her.

"Good morning Ni, I Love You."

"I Love You Too, Carter."  

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