No Control

Carter Rose Winchester is a 17 year old girl. . she has been bullied all her life till she was pulled out freshman year. she began to cut she was so depressed. everything people said she took it to heart. 5 boys kept her from suicide one night when their song came on. she vowed to make herself everything people told her she couldn't be, including her own parents.

©Copyrights of Krista Bluhm 2015 All Rights Reserved


12. Our Babies.

(Niall's POV)

I was sitting in the waiting room with the rest of the lads and their girlfriends. I was nervous. I went back for the birth of the kids but she tore and they had to give her stiches and asked me to leave. I wanted to see my family.

"Niall Horan?" I stood up and waked over to the nurse. "You may go see her and your children now." Everyone followed me back the long white hallway. I opened the door to her room. There they were sound asleep on Carter's chest.

(Carter's POV)

I opened my eyes to see I was alone with the doctor.

"Good, I see you are awake. Would you like to see your children and visitors?" He asked me. I nodded my head as a nurse brought my babies in to me. I held them for a while till the fell asleep on my chest. I heard the door open and in walked everyone. Niall came over to my bedside.

"You did great honey." He said.

"You helped too." I told him. Everyone got a chance to hold the children and then they were waking up and crying. I figured that they were hungry and asked everyone to leave except Niall to help me. They latched on and after about 5 minutes they were done and Niall helped me to burp them and in the process he got spit up on by Dayton.

"Haha I got spit up on before you." He said.

"And that's a good thing?" I asked.

"Okay well you know what I needed something to brag about." and just then Emma pooped.

"Do you wan t to change the first diaper too?" I asked him. He shook his head.

"No you are on poopy duty." He laughed at the word duty. I stood up to change the diaper and when I was done the kids went back to sleep. We layed them in their basinets and Niall decided to lie down with me. We fell asleep like that. With my head on his chest. The babies beside us and his arm wrapped around me.



Sorry for the short chapter. It is kind of just a filler. I have a lot of stuff on my mind today and can not really concentrate that much. I promise to update very soon lovelies.

Thank you, Krista

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