No Control

Carter Rose Winchester is a 17 year old girl. . she has been bullied all her life till she was pulled out freshman year. she began to cut she was so depressed. everything people said she took it to heart. 5 boys kept her from suicide one night when their song came on. she vowed to make herself everything people told her she couldn't be, including her own parents.

©Copyrights of Krista Bluhm 2015 All Rights Reserved


4. Oh Shit.

(Niall's POV)

Everyone left Carter's place. We sat down on her couch. I looked over at her beautiful smiling face.

"Do you want to go for a walk?" I asked Carter.

"Oh, Well yeah sure. Why not?" She replied.

She grabbed her hand bag and we walked out the door.

"Oh. I'm sorry I didn't tell you, But uhm the boys thought it would be nice for me to stay with you for a while, you know to show you around and stuff."

"Yeah, it's okay, I'd love your company. I don't have a phone of anything anyway to talk to you so it will be nice to have you around." She replied.

*One Month Later*

I woke up early. I decided to make breakfast for Carter this morning. She came into the kitchen once it was done.

"Oooh, That looks amazing. What's the occasion?" She asked me.

"Well, eat and then we will talk." I told her.

After we were both done eating we walked to her bedroom. 

"Well, We have become quite comfortable around each other this past month and well," I watched as she started to change into her outfit for the day. "I was wondering if you would be my girlfriend?" I asked.

"Oh Niall. Of course I will be your girlfriend." She jumped on my lap half naked. She squeezed me real tight and tried to kiss my cheek but missed and got my lips instead. Instead of her pulling away, she kissed me more and I kissed back our lips moving in sync. I started to deepen the kiss and she accepted it. I took my shirt off and we were lying down on her bed. She slid my pants as far down as she could and I took them the rest of the way off. We hadn't bothered locking the front door or closing the bedroom door but soon enough we knew we should of, because none other than Harry Styles walked in.

"Wow. Sorry guys didn't mean to interrupt the moment but we have that party tonight man. I thought I would come and remind you. But I see other things are going on so just remember we will pick you guys up at 5." He said closing the door behind him. Carter sat up. She grabbed her dress we bought before and hung it on the closet door along with my outfit, and she climbed back on. I flipped her over so she was under me but this time I locked the main door and bedroom door. We started making out again and Carter reached down and held my Jewels. I stuck a hand beneath her and unclasped her bra and she started to cover up.

"Hey Darling relax. It is okay. we don't have to do this. And you are beautiful, you have no need to hide."

She uncovered herself and nodded that she wanted too. I started to kiss her breasts and slid a free hand into her panties. She was soaked. She smiled into the kiss. and we just started fooling around. I stuck one finger in her and she moaned quietly and then two. Her moaning got louder and then she reached into the bedside table. "Don't forget this", as she waved the silver packet in front of my face. I tore it open with my teeth and slipped it on quick. I took off her panties and admired her gorgeous body. I placed myself at her entrance and she nodded again. I pushed in. She moaned in a bit of pan though. I let her adjust. "I forgot to tell you, I'm a virgin." "I know" I told her. I started to pump in and out of her. And sure enough her pain turned to pleasure. She started screaming my name. "NIALL, OH GOD NIALL!" We kept going for about 10 minutes before she started to speak. "Niall I-I I'm going to-" At the same time we both let out a loud sigh. I smiled at her and she smiled back. "Niall that was great." She said.

"Carter, I think we should get ready soon. Its already 3 o'clock."

She got out of bed and just stood there naked in front of me. I winked at her.

"If you like what you see now, You can have more later." She blushed and put on a pink lace thong and matching strapless bra, as well as her dress and threw my clothes at me. I helped her with her hair and she did her makeup and we waited for the lads.

(Carter's hair and dress for the party.)

The boys came to the door and we walked down the street to the local bar. It was semi crowded but we went to the back bar. We dance the others brought a few girls back. Carter started to order a second sex on the beach when I joined her.

"Make that a Sex On The Beach and a Bloody Mary." We drank and by then I had realized that Carter was actually drunk. She must have had more than what I thought. I picked her up bridal style and carried her to our place. I lied her in bed and she stood up and said "Ha, You thought I was actually drunk. Nah I can Handle more than you think. I just wanted to come back for round two." She giggled.

"Okay. How about we make a bet. Winner gets to tell loser what to do for an entire week."

"You got yourself a deal. Prepare to be humiliated."

"No, You Carter prepare to get the shit pounded out of you by mister willy! And why not make this a bit more interesting." I said locking the door and pulling out the vodka. "Every bottle we down we get to take an item of clothing of the other person."

"Fine." Carter shouted.

(Carter's POV)

I grabbed one of the 12 bottles from the table. And downed the whole thing. I ripped off Niall's shirt. He then grabbed a bottle and when finished took off my dress. I downed another and took off his pants. I watched as he sucked down another and my bra came off. I sat down on his lap facing him.

"Sorry pretty boy, But you aren't going to win this bet." I smirked while rubbing my vagina against his now hard cock and running my finger up and down his abs. I downed another bottle and tore off his underwear. He then picked me up and pinned me to the wall.

"I want you so damn bad right now." He said.

I giggled. " Okay but that means you lose you know that right?"

"I don't care. let's go to the bedroom."

We had sex for what felt like forever. I noticed after he came the first time that we were not using a condom. But I figured since my period was last week we would be ok. He had came inside of me Once, Twice, Three times till we were done. And then we just lay there naked in bed cuddled together.

*One Month Later.*

I still had not gotten my period. I told Niall about this and he bought a test and we were not waiting for the results.

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