Four generations ago, the five guys of the famous band, One Direction, all put in their wills for their legacy to be carried on. The first boy from each member of the band will come together at the age of sixteen and become famous. What happens when the wife of the third generation Harry Styles legacy, gives birth to a baby girl and cannot have any more children? Will she be an exception?


5. Chapter 5

Hope’s P.O.V.

         I woke up at the crack of dawn. You know when you wake up early and you’re just so excited that you’re not even tired? That’s how I felt. I didn't know what today would bring. Will they like me? Oh god what if they don't like me? Am I even a good singer? Do they even know I’m a girl? My head was exploding with thoughts. I was a nervous wreck.


         I showered cleaning every inch of my body with coconut scented shampoo, conditioner, and body wash and blow-dried my dirty blonde hair so it was straight. I brushed and flossed my teeth using extra minty mouthwash. I applied eyeliner, mascara, and foundation to my face. Lastly, I put on a three quarters sleeve length denim shirt, white lace shorts, and a thin brown belt. I slid low-rise white converse onto my feet.

         My parents knocked on my door and peeked their heads in.

         “You look so grown up,” my mother said on the verge of crying. All I could do was smile and that’s all I’d been doing since I woke up. I must’ve look like an idiot.

         “You’ll always be my little girl,” my Dad said pulling me in for a bear hug.

         “When will I be able to see you?” I asked still in his arms.

         “In a month or two. Management has strict rules and I wont get to see you until the pass down ceremony,” Dad replied.

         “We’re going to miss you so much, sweetie,” my mother croaked. The hover car honked from our driveway. My parents and I went out to the driveway and loaded the luggage into the car.

         “Goodbye Hope. Have an amazing time. We love you,” my father said. I gave my parents one last big hug and kiss before stepping into the hover car with a smile on my face. I waved to my parents until they were out of sight.


         A car and plane ride later; I stood at the gates of One Direction headquarters. I marveled for a moment or two.  The actual building seemed as if it were just a dot in the distance. There were several grass fields and a moat surrounding the huge circular glass building. This could not be happening. I approached the gate and stuck my thumb up against the finger print identification panel.

         “Welcome Hope Styles,” the machine greeted before opening up the gates. ‘Hope Styles’. I liked the sound of that.

         A white, sleek hover car pulled up and I placed my luggage inside and got inside. In less than a minute, I arrived in a long hallway. On the walls were pictures of each of the generations. I smiled at the third generation seeing my Dad smiling with his band mates. I continued walking down the hallway haling my heavy bags until I reached a large open glass room. I smiled big looking at my new band mates and better yet, my new friends.


Brads’ P.O.V.

         It was arrival day for the band. I was a bit nervous. I had met Leo, Luke, and Nate before but never the descendant of Harry. James, our manager, had called us all into the common room to wait for Harry’s descendant’s arrival. I loved the common room. It was a huge glass room with a huge and tall fountain on the side big enough to swim in. The center of the room were some leathers chairs and coaches next to the biggest TV I’ve ever laid eyes on. Suddenly we heard footsteps coming down the hallway leading up to the common room. Their footsteps echoed and bounced off the walls. A tall girl with dirty blonde hair and green eyes came into the common room. I was kind of let down. I thought it was Harry’s descendant.

         “Boys, I would like you to meet Hope, Hope Styles, your new band mate,” James introduced.

         “Is this some kind of sick joke?” I cried out. I looked at Nate, Luke, and Leo their jaws wide opened too. The girls’ smile faded quickly. Wait, I knew this girl. She was the one who walked away. Never have I had a hot girl seem so into me and then just walk away. I felt something with her. Something I don’t usually come across. It was probably just he alcohol. But now she was my band mate? This cannot be happening. I stood next to the rest of the guys with my arms crossed.


         “Hope this is Leo Payne, Luke Tomlinson, Nate Horan, and Brad Malik.” James said faking a smile and pointing to all of us. The other guys were still shocked but the each politely waved. “Alright, the rules,” James began. “No sneaking out without permission, no having girls over… or boys,” he said awkwardly looking at Hope. “No giving away the location of HQ, no drugs or alcohol…” James kept dragging on and on and on. “…And lastly no dating one another.” He finished. I smirked knowing I’d already met Hope a little too well. But I was never much of one for playing by the rules.

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