Four generations ago, the five guys of the famous band, One Direction, all put in their wills for their legacy to be carried on. The first boy from each member of the band will come together at the age of sixteen and become famous. What happens when the wife of the third generation Harry Styles legacy, gives birth to a baby girl and cannot have any more children? Will she be an exception?


4. Chapter 4

Hope’s P.O.V.

         A few days had passed since my parents dropped the One Direction bomb on me. My parents were out of the house trying to honor my request of personal space. I don't know how long I could stay mad at them. I’m not one for grudges. What they did was absolutely crazy but I didn’t grow up with a massive ego knowing I was born into family of fame and fortune.

         The thoughts swarmed my mind as I tried to concentrate on my history final exam. I just needed to pass and then summer.




         “HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOPE!” My parents cheered in my face waking me up. I sat up excitedly. I’m not much of a morning person but my eyes widened at the sight of the stacked chocolate chip pancakes and chocolate covered strawberries they were holding; my absolute favorites.

         “Thank you!!” I exclaimed not being able to stop smiling. I scarfed down all four pancakes in what felt like less than a minute. I could already tell this was the start of an amazing birthday and an even better summer.

         “Now get up and get out of bed because we’re going shopping!” My mother exclaimed. I excitedly got out of bed and hugged my parents again. They walked out of my room and I pulled a black flowy tank top, studded jean shorts, and got ready for a long day of shopping.

         I got into the passenger seat of the hover car next to my Mom.

         “Switch seats with me. You're sixteen now remember?” Mom said smiling and handing me the keys. A smile stretched across my face as I got out of the passenger seat and entered the drivers seat.


         On my way to the mall, I hit several trash cans and some bushes. Just barely dodged two dogs, a cat, several stop signs, and some of our neighbors. I wont be driving again anytime soon…

         After the crazy drive was over, my Mom and I hit every store. Even though its kind of lame to shop with your Mom, I still had a really good time hanging out with her knowing there were no more secrets.

         By the time we cleared out our last store, our feet killed and our arms were sore from carrying all of our bags. We were about to leave when one particular dress caught my eye. I pulled it out from the racks and tried it on in the fitting room mesmerized. It was royal blue sweetheart dress with a tight top and loose bottom that went just above my knees. It was perfect. I never thought I could love a dress so much.


         We arrived home at about two in the afternoon. I wanted to relax and enjoy the summer sun. Maybe even get a little tan. I threw on my new coral strapless bikini and floral bottoms and a cover up and headed out to the beach (walking this time).

         When I got there, I set up camp and laid out my towel a little ways away from the water and lay on my stomach while reading and listening to the old One Direction song, Story of My Life.

         An hour or two passed and it got even hotter out so I decided to go for a swim. I took out my earphones. I stood up and dusted off some sand when I overheard two teenage girls.

         “Oh my god I saw a pictures of all of the fourth generation One Direction except for the fourth generation Harry and they are so hot,” one girl said.

         “I bet he’s going to be the hottest,” the other girl fangirled. My heart sunk in my chest knowing I’d let down fans across the world. I ran towards the sea and dove in trying to wash away all of my emotions. The water was refreshing on my sun kissed skin. I floated in the water for a few minutes enjoying vacation when I big wave came sweeping over my head taking me by surprise. I arose to the surface and gasped for air. I was done swimming for today. I was about to get out to my towel when I realized I’d lost my bottoms. I quickly swam right back out to where the water went safely above my waist. I tried to keep calm and searching for my bikini bottoms but they were nowhere in sight. I began to panic and there were people everywhere.


         There were a few people maybe sixteen years old playing beach volleyball. They looked like they were having a blast. One of the guys saw me staring at their game.

         “Want to play?” He shouted from the courts.

         “No,” I shouted back. I really wanted to play but given the circumstances, I really couldn’t.

         “Common!” He persisted motioning for me to come over. I shook my head no. He caught the ball and put it down in the sand. He started jogging over to me. I began to panic. He got closer and closer until he entered the water and swam over to me. “Come play with us.” We were only a foot apart.

         “No I really don't think that’s a good idea.” I insisted my face redder than a tomato.

         “What’s it got to take to get a pretty girl like yourself to come and play some volleyball with me and some of my friends?” I blushed even harder now.

         “Sorry,” I felt bad turning his offer down. He frowned and left the water.


         It was getting dark and I still didn’t know what to do. People started to clear out of the beach and there were only a few people left. My teeth started chattering. I glanced at my towel about fifty feet from the water. I summoned up the courage and sprinted toward my towel and cover up. I felt the few people who were at the beach pointing at me and laughing. It just made me run faster. I quickly threw on my cover up and wrapped my towel around my body. It was definitely time to leave.




         As soon as I got home I hopped right into the shower to avoid any questions from my parents. I shut off the shower water and threw on some pink pajama shorts and a big black t-shirt.

         “Dinner time!” My mother called. I ran to the kitchen. My Dad always made the best burgers for my birthday.

         We all sat down at the table and devoured the burgers.

         “Hope, we have a birthday present for you” my mother told me after all of the burgers had been demolished. I sat up eagerly.

         “We made a few phone calls to management and it turns out the Harry Styles legend won’t be dying out anytime soon. The One Direction legacy has made an addition to the Harry Styles legacy and her name is Hope.” He announced. I jumped up and down and let out a loud scream of joy. I smiled so big my cheeks hurt. I wrapped my arms around my mother and father laughing and screaming.

         “Is this really happening??” I squealed.

         “Yes Hope, it really is,” my mother beamed and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

         “The car picks you up tomorrow morning.” My father beamed. My Dad wrapped his arm around my mother and they just smiled at my over joyed face. This was the happiest moment of my life.

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