Four generations ago, the five guys of the famous band, One Direction, all put in their wills for their legacy to be carried on. The first boy from each member of the band will come together at the age of sixteen and become famous. What happens when the wife of the third generation Harry Styles legacy, gives birth to a baby girl and cannot have any more children? Will she be an exception?


2. Chapter 2

Hope’s P.O.V.

    I tried to focus on the rest of the lesson and what Mr. Bender was teaching but my mind was elsewhere. I was usually really interested in his lessons. I guess he could see my disinterest.

    “Why don't we take a ten minute break?” He asked. He knew me better than anyone. I nodded and pulled out my phone checking my messages. I had one from Mom.


Hi sweetie I know you are studying but I had to run out to do some errands. I will be back at three. -Mom


    Hours past and finally my lesson finished. I walked Mr. Bender out the door and said goodbye. I was all alone in the big house. 

“Baby it's the way you make me

Kinda get me go crazy 

Never wanna stop


It's gotta be you (uh huh, uh huh)

All the way

It's gotta be you (uh huh, uh huh)


I promise you I will be true, yeah

It's only you,” I sang.


    When I was about ten years old, my parents forced me to clean my room because they claimed it was a ‘fifth hole’. Under my bed and behind endless toys and dolls, I came across a small crumpled paper with hand-written lyrics of a song. Now it never leaves my head and I always sing it when I’m alone. It must be pretty old since its hand-written, ancient for that matter. I have never sang in front of anyone before. Not even my parents or even Mr. Benson. It’s my own little secret.


    I decided to get out of the house and take a walk. The local school playground caught my eye as I took a seat on the swing set. It was completely empty. I wish I could go to a real school. To see people everyday other than your parents and teacher. I swayed back and forth humming the lyrics. My dad used to take me here when he was home. I am a daddy’s girl. He could always put a smile on my face.

    “Thats a nice song,” a man said behind me. I turned my head around to face him. I almost fell off the swings. He was so attractive it smacked me right in the face. He had a head of brown hair, bright blue eyes, and big full lips. He towered over me casting a shadow.

    “Thanks,” I said snapping out of my gaze. He smirked knowing I was staring.

    “May I sit?” I nodded. “I’m Hunter,” he said in a smooth tone. He sat down on the swing next to me. He looked about my age maybe a year or two older. We sat in silence for a moment. I enjoyed the present of another human being for once.

    “Im Hope,” I added.

    “Where do you go to school?”

    “Um just a boarding school. What about you?” I dodged the question quickly shifting our conversation back onto him. My palms began to get sweaty. I had never really talked to any guys. He seemed like he had talked to plenty of girls. He didn't seem half as uncomfortable as I felt.

    “I go here at the local school.” There was a pause. “Do you have summer any plans?” Summer was just around the corner. I just had to finish up some finals then I was done for the year.

    “Not in particular. I just want to have fun,” I replied. That was the truth. I wanted a summer surrounded by friends and not a single moment alone. Only I had to make friends first.

    “Well if your ever want some fun, you should call me,” he smirked writing his number down on a small piece of blue paper. “A few friends of mine and I are throwing a party tomorrow night. Its just a typical high school party theres going to be booze and stuff. It’s going to be a blast. You should come. Its just off the main street in town.”

    “I think I have something,” I lied. I really had no intention of going. I wanted to have endless fun this summer but I didn't want to end up doing something stupid. Sneaking out to go to this party could party could be a really bad way to start the summer. Besides I just met the guy. I  barely knew anything about him.

    “Ok well send me a text if you change your mind.” he said and gave me a wink before walking away.




Henry’s P.O.V.

    “Stop here please,” I ordered the driver. We pulled up in front of the official One Direction headquarters, or HQ. I contemplated what I was going to say all throughout the plane ride. I was scared. Not only was I scared of what they will think of Darcy and I keeping her a secret from the world but even more scared if she would be an exception.

    I stepped out of the hover car and pressed my thumb against the fingerprint identification. We had very high-tech security incase of crazed fans. A sleek white round elevator-like car pulled up and opened its doors and stepped inside. I grasped onto the silver handle bar above my head. The hover car passed through the big fields, fountains, and moats surrounding HQ.

    In a matter of seconds, the sleek white hover car unfolded its doors to the familiar long hallway covered with photographs of each generation. I sighed looking at the portrait where the fourth generation will hang knowing my daughter can never be on it.

    I continued down the long hallway and into the common room when I heard someone say,

    “Hey its Henry!” James, the descendent of Liam and future manager of One Direction fourth generation sat on the leather couch. He was always understanding.

    “Hello mate. Is anyone else here?”

    “No there all on break but I stuck around preparing for the next generations arrival. We never see you anymore,” he replied.

    “I’m sorry but I have some news, really big news. I was hoping you could pass on the message to the others and the rest of management.”

    “What is it?” he asked worriedly. I thought about turning around right then and there but I couldn't keep doing this to Hope and Darcy. The secret must come out. I told him how the baby didn't really die during birth and how we’ve lived by the name of Campbell for  the past sixteen years in a small town. “This is a lot to,” James paused, “process. Henry what were you thinking?”

    “I know, part of me regrets it but another part of me is glad I gave my child the opportunity to have a normal life.” He nodded.

    “I just don't understand why you would keep this from us not to mention your son. When are you going to tell him? He must be sixteen by now when can we meet him?”

    “As soon as I get home I am going to tell him but James there’s something else I haven't told you about him. Its that he isn't a he. He’s a she. Her name is Hope, Hope Styles.”




Hope’s P.O.V.

    The sun shone through my bedroom windows. It was 7:15 and I had lessons later on. I checked my air pad only to find no messages from dad But one from my mom. 


Went to visit a friend. Be back at three thirty- Mom


    I threw my long legs over the side of my bed and got ready for school. Mr. Bender arrived shortly.

    I couldn't help but stare at the clock hands tick. I slouched down on my desk chair and zoned out as Mr. Bender started talking about Newtons laws. The clock read two thirty.

    “Hope, your mind keeps wandering off lately,” Mr. Bender said as I sat up.

    “I know I’m sorry.”

    “Well, if I’m being honest, there is something on my mind as well. I couldn't sleep knowing you are ignorant of the situation,” he confessed. “I think there’s something you should know.” He pulled out a stack of magazines and articles from his briefcase and placed them on the table. Before I could even get a glance at them, he was already walking out the door.

    “But its only two thirty! We still have-” I called to him as I heard the door shut. I stood up studying the tabloids. On the cover was… my father?


Henry’s P.O.V.

    I was on the plane ride back home feeling relieved… well almost. I still had to tell Hope. I had left HQ with James in shock but he agreed to pass on the message. I felt terrible for not telling the rest of the guys directly but I needed to tell Hope while I still had the courage.

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