My story

It's the journal of a girl, Chloe Smith, who have cancer and she just have 2 years left... What will she do? Live a full life with her sister and brother, or alone? Will she fall in love or her bestfriend, a friend of her older brother, or just some random guy? or will she just stay calm at home in California.



So here I am, today the may 5th. I have a meeting with my doctor about my cancer. I don’t like hospital, but I need to go. He is going to tell me if the surgery workout. So I get up from my bed and went in the shower.

** Skipping shower**

I get out and got dress into this:


I  put a mascara on, my shoes and went downstairs.

Mom: Hi sweetie!

Me: Hi mom!

mom: how are you today?

me: good

mom: good. don’t forget you have a meeting with Dr. ___ .

Me: yeah I know. Are you coming?

mom: I can’t sweetie I’m so sorry. I need to get the paper divorce

(My parents are getting divorce because my dad cheated on my mom)

me:  AH ok. That’s not like it was the first time anyway.

mom: I’m so sorry honey, but I need to go.

me: ok bye

mom: bye sweetie! see you tonight.

me: bye

After my mom left, walk to the bus stop. finally the bus arrived and got in. I was so afraid of what the doctor his going to tell me. I don’t know if it’s good news or bad news.

**to the hospital**

I walk in and went to the 7th floor. There was nothing much, just a regular hospital that smell the same as other. So, after I checked in, I went to the bench to wait.

There he was...

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