My story

It's the journal of a girl, Chloe Smith, who have cancer and she just have 2 years left... What will she do? Live a full life with her sister and brother, or alone? Will she fall in love or her bestfriend, a friend of her older brother, or just some random guy? or will she just stay calm at home in California.


1. The Beginning Of The End

Dear Journal,

I know it has been a long time since I wrote you, but I have been a lot buzy.

So, let me present the new person I am.

Name: Chloe Smith (It hasn't changed)

Age: 16

Birthday: April 23

Boyfriend: X

BFF: Megan Louis

Favorite movie: I don't know, but I really love comedy.


Ps: Since the last time, a lot of things has changed. First of all, I have cancer, but I'm sure I will be fine. Don't worry for me.

I don't want this to be a typical teen cancer story. My doctor said that it will make me feel better to write down what is happening in my life, but I dont think so. Anyway, we will see what will happen. 

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