Does he really love me?

Bethany Jones is an ordinary girl and dates a boy who everyone want to date: Lewis Smith. But something suspicious is going on with Lewis's love life and he isn't telling Bethany. Does he really love her or does he have other lovers in his life?


2. Chapter 2.


Being with Bethany is utter heaven, especially when we go to our secret places and make out, but not literally because we are still virgins. I held her hand and walked into Maths, sitting down next to her. "All right class settle down, settle down!" Mr Harris said frowning, he is so dull, no wonder he's still a virgin!

He babbled on about a new week and maths club at lunch and Bethany and I are just looking at each other sighing. After awhile, the bell rang and everyone started to leave, including us. It was Chemistry next and I was in the same class as Bethany so we walked together into the room. "SIT DOWN NOW EVERYONE AT ONCE!" yelled Miss Roberts, everyone quickly found a seat, scared out of their minds and obviously, I was sat next to Bethany. "GET OUT YOUR BOOKS AND IF I SEE ANYONE ON THEIR PHONE OR CHEWING GUM IN MY LESSON, THEY WILL GET AN AFTERSCHOOL DETENTION!" Miss Roberts bellowed to us, making some of the kids slide down in their seats.

After a whole hour of boring Chemistry, the bell rang for lunch. Everyone ran out the room and Bethany and I followed them. "NO RUNNING IN THE CLASSROOM!" Miss Roberts shouted to us but no one took any notice. I took Bethany's hand and said "Are you ready for my plan?" I asked her. "I sure am!" She said beaming. "Great, now follow me" I said to her smirking. I led her down to the very bottom of the school and into a large room with a comfy sofa, lit candles and romantic music playing in the background. We walked in and I locked the door behind us. "Lewis, did you do this?" Bethany asked looking around the room. "I sure did!" I said replying to her question. "It's amazing! When did you do all of this?" She said smiling. "You don't need to worry" I said and I picked her up, carrying her over to the sofa and laying her down. I got on top of her and kissed her soft lips passionately, sliding my hands down her waist. She smiled and started to kiss me roughly, turning it into a French kiss. I lifted up her top and took it off, taking my off too. Bethany unzipped my trousers and slid them off, taking her skirt off too. I started to grind on her gently and she unclipped her bra, throwing it on the floor and taking off her thong. I kissed her lips and licked the inside of her mouth while taking off my pants. I'm not going to go into any more detail and you can probably guess that I took her virginity but left her unpregnant, condoms can do amazing things.


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