Does he really love me?

Bethany Jones is an ordinary girl and dates a boy who everyone want to date: Lewis Smith. But something suspicious is going on with Lewis's love life and he isn't telling Bethany. Does he really love her or does he have other lovers in his life?


1. Chapter 1.


My alarm went off at 8:00am as the sun began to rise. I opened my eyes and looked at the time, hitting the snooze button and pulling the blankets over my head. My alarm went off again. I was sure that I set it for a 5 minute snooze. I pulled the blanket down and looked at the time: 8:30am. I had overslept by 25 minutes! It felt like only 2 minutes I was asleep! I jumped out of bed and ran to my wardrobe, throwing a white crop top, a short black pencil skirt and a pair of white vans onto my bed. I got changed and quickly brushed my hair while eating some toast and picked up my toothbrush to brush my teeth. Oh no, another spot right on the end of nose, typical! I washed my face, applied some makeup and grabbed my bag, phone and school books, rushing out my bedroom. Kissing my mum goodbye, I ran to catch the bus. My dad died when I was 4 so I guess I'm just a normal 16 year old moody teenager.

The bus was just about the leave until I banged on the door, wanting the driver to let me in. The doors opened and I climbed onto the bus, thanking the driver and I looked around the bus for Lewis. He had saved me a seat as usual and I plonked my bum next to him, kissing his lips smoothly.

"Hey beautiful" he said to me with his arm around me. "Hey baby, sorry I'm late, I overslept" I said going red and shuffled closer to him, resting my head on his shoulder. The bus began to move and Lewis pressed his lips against my forehead. "No worries, I have a plan for us at lunch, just us two" he said smirking. "What is it?" I asked eagerly and intertwined my fingers with his. "You'll find out soon enough!" he replied and leant in, kissing my lips.

The bus pulled into the parking lot and stopped. Everyone started to get out and I followed with Lewis holding my hand. The only reason why I liked school was because I had every single lesson with Lewis and we always went to secret places in the school. I do have friends but they are not in any of classes so I just hang with them at breaks and lunch's. I walked into the building with Lewis still holding my hand and went to one of the secret places we go, we had 10 minutes before school actually started.

We walked into a small room with shelves and shelves of books, nobody ever went in there so we were always alone. Lewis shut the door, locked it and pressed me against the wall. He placed his hand on my neck and pressed his lips to mine, his tongue licking the inside of my mouth. It was heaven and he slid his hands down to my waist and up my shirt. We haven't actually had sex yet but we are both 16 so it's not illegal. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he picked me up, kissing my neck. Suddenly, the bell rang and the sound of shuffling feet was heard outside of the door. 10 minutes had gone quickly! Lewis took my hand and led me out of the room, we both had maths next so it's not as boring.

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