They dont know about us



1. prologue

Hi my name is Alice. I have black wavy hair and blue eyes. My brothers name is Zayn Malik YES Zayn Malik from One Direction. I am 18 my birthday is on February 19. I have to live with my brother because I am on tour with him and my fucking mum told me I had to go. Sometimes I don't like her. The only good thing about going on tour with them ........ LIAM ! Me and Liam are the best of friends. Any ways I can't wait to get to the hotel so I can get off the tour bus because these guy are getting annoying , exapecialy Niall

Alice's POV

"Well you are mean Alice!!"Louis screamed across the bus. He was upset because I through my I phone at him. "Well at least I did not hit you!!"I screamed back. All the sudden Zayn ran in the room. "What the fuck it is like 3:00am guys. Go the fuck to bed!!!!!!"Zayn said sleepily. "We are sorry Zayn "me and Louis Said at the same time. "It is ok just go to bed please we have a big day tomorrow. "

"Ok good night Zayn ,love you ."I said kissing his cheek. I went and got on my bunk. I laid there for 20 minuets before letting sleep take over me.

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