Scarlet Winters

hope you saw ROTG (rise of the guardians)

jack frosts love life


3. immortality

then the man in the moon did something. he made me immortal. 'welcome back miss scarlet" he said. "what do you mean welcome back."i say. " you died then i made you immortal." he said. "i-i-i died" i said. "yes now you have powers, wings,and vampire teeth"he said. "Wow, anything else" " umm yes I have improved your look." He said then a mirror appeared in front of me.i looked in and saw me with bold red hair in a side braid and I was wearing a pink and white tank with a zipper down the middle and a long pink skirt that goes to one side and knee high boots that look like sneakers. 😧  "i-i-i-i love it thank you"   "Oh one last thing ,you will find your true love" " okay ,bye" and I went to try out my powers but some thing hit me and I fol it.

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