Scarlet Winters

hope you saw ROTG (rise of the guardians)

jack frosts love life


1. daeth

Hi i"m Scarlet Sims.I'm 14, in my family there is two little brothers. There is 7 year Victor Sims, we call him Vick. then there is James Sims, he's 2 years old. then my dad, Sam Sims or double S. then my step mom Janet Sims. my mom died when i was 6 years old.  anyway lets skip to 4 years ahead because of bad things.

   One night on December 31 we all went to ice skate. we have a tradition were we skate on the last month of every winter month. you know , every time we go the moon is never out but today it is. We started to skate and then after about two hours ,Vick was out were the ice was thin. So I skated toward him and he said " s-s-scar I'm s-s-scared". "It's ok Vick I'm here to agame with you." I say. "N-n-n-no  t-t-t-time for tricks and fun s-s-scar" he said. "No no we're going to play that game I taught you .....uh..StepSlide remember "I say,he thought about it for a minute then noded yes "okay I'm going first...(step) 1.....(step) 2...(step) 3 ,then I um"I say "you slide scar " he said. "Slide" I slide toward him and I pushed him toward the rest of the family. I got up to see if he was ok and he was fine then I started wlking toward them when I fell through he ice and I was out cold.



Then the man in the moon did something.

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