Kingdoms of One

This story was actually based on when me and my friend went to Sherando Lake and built two sandcastles. We made one an evil kingdom, and the other the nice, kind kingdom that took people in. We dug a pit in the evil castle for them to put prisoners in, just like in the book.

The Prophecy foretold that The Powerful One would come before the next full moon, though no one knows this except Miranda, the peasant. King Hendricks, though no one dares say it , is the king of the evil castle, and the evil kingdom. He senses that secrecy is in the air, and is plotting to kill everyone in King Handerson’s kingdom, the kind place. King Handerson has a warm heart and is married to Queen Violet. King Hendricks loathes Queen Violet the worst because she has a lovely nature and is optimistic and beautiful. Miranda’s secret beauty is hidden by her poverty, and her longing to tell someone her mysterious dream. Meet Keira and Aileen too!


Author: Jade Sparrow
Editor: raiarna m. the potterhead


1. The Dream

Miranda's POV

Miranda woke in a cold sweat. She’d had the dream again. The one about the prophecy. The one that scared her. Her; brave, tough Miranda, scared. Her little brother Arthur always asked her what was wrong when she paced the floor at night, but she didn’t have the heart to tell him.


He was little, and word might pass to King Hendricks and that would be the end of her. The pit, the dusty, good-for-nothing pit, that has taken the lives of thousands. Torn families apart, friends destroyed.


She couldn’t fall asleep again, with the factors of hunger and nightmares awaiting her. Oh, that made her so mad! She was safe in her own kingdom but couldn’t step a foot out of line! Kind old King Handerson is terribly ill, and no matter how the guards try to hide it, everyone knows. Now the evil King Hendricks’ guards rule. Queen Violet is out of power. Everything changed. And everything is still changing.

  Miranda is determined to change that. She would devise a plan, and make it cunning. A way to knock  evil King Hendricks off the throne, and banish him back to his own dark, gloomy castle. And it would work. She was sure of it. At least, she thinks so...

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