Fighting To Love

"Every family, friend, couple fight. But we can make it through this." I said. "Even though you hated me at first." He said. "You're never gonna let that go are you?" I asked. He shook his head.
{Fighting To Love is the sequel to Everything about him|ashton Irwin| I would recommend reading everything about him|ashton Irwin| first}


21. chapter twenty

Calum's POV

It's been two days since Ashley and Kyla got into their little fight. It broke my heart when Ashley ran away, crying that day. I had to do what I had to do, I had to pull Ashley off of Ky.

"Babe, you need to rest." I said. "No. I'm done resting. I'm gonna get her back." Kyla replied. "Oh no you're not." I said. "Why." She said. "Because, your more..." "No, Calum. Why do you care so much about her?" She asked. I licked my lips, trying to think of what to say. "Do you love her cal?" She asked. "Ky, don't be silly. Ashley is just a close friend. Shes Ashton's girlfriend." I replied. "Calum, do you love her? Because if you do, I will go over there, and beat the shit out of that bitch." She said. "Kyla, shes my best friend. Of course I love her. But not the way you're thinking." I replied.

Ashley's POV

"I don't know Michael." I said. "Come on, just face her. You have to be the adult here. Avoiding her won't help." Michael replied. "Where's Ashton when you need him." I said. "Studio. But, I'm here." He said.

"How about we go out for a little, and then face her." He said. I smiled, and nodded. "Lauren, me and Michael are going out for a little. Jackie should get off the bus soon, and when she does, I need you to call me, so I know. And Anne is coming over now to help with Nicole." I said. "Okay. Have fun." She replied.


"gotta love paps." I said, with a laugh. "Yea really. New headline, Green Cheating On Irwin?!" Michael said. I laughed. "Kyla really is jealous of you though." He says. "Yeah, and I don't know why. I mean, she has Calum. He's amazing. Loving. Caring. Like, who wouldn't want to have him as a boyfriend." I replied. He lifted an eyebrow.


Lunch was good. We had Olive Garden. Soup salad and breadsticks work perfectly. Now, we're walking outside the restaurant, with paparazzi standing at the door.

"Ashley is it true you got into a fight!"

"Ashley how's your baby!"

"Ashley is it true that you're cheating on Ashton with Calum!" One the guy says that, I grab Michael's hand, and squeeze it. He looks down at me, and smiles.

"I remember when Ashton said our relationship should be kept private." I said. "Didn't that last like, a day?" He asked. I laughed, and nodded.

Calum's POV

"Calum. Mommy is mad at you." Jackie said, as I enter the house. "Why?" I asked. "She said she doesn't want to see Kyla." She said. I sighed. This fight really screwed up a relationship.

"How about... This one?" I asked Jackie, who was laughing on the floor. "No Calum." She said. "How about... This!" I yelled, tickling her. "Calum! No! Stop!" She said, trying to get away. "I will stop.... If.... You give me a hug. And a kiss. But the hug has to be a BIG hug!" I said. "Hehe! Alright!" She said. I stopped ticking her, and she gave me a big hug. She ran away from me after the hug. "Little missy, you didn't give me my kiss!" I yelled, out the back door.

Kyla's POV

I watched Calum play with Jackie from my bedroom window. Something has to be going on. He doesn't act like this around kids. Not even my little sister. Something is definitely going on.

Ashley appeared in the picture, and Jackie jumped into her arms, and she let her on the ground. I opened my window, and poked my head out a little, to try and hear what's going on.

"He's still at the studio." Calum said. "I know. He will be there for a while." Ashley replied. "At least you'll be here to see Nicole grow up." She said. "He'll find out sometime." He said. There it is! "And when he does, I'll explain. But right now, I can't worry about that. Nicole has her whole life ahead of her. Ashton or no Ashton." She said. I smirked to myself.

Ashley's POV

"Jackie, wash up for dinner please." I said. "Okay." She replied. "So, what are you making?" Calum asked. "Honestly. I have no idea. Jack is hungry. And nick has to eat. And so does Lauren." I replied. He smiled.

"No, ash, let me get that." Calum said, pushing me out of the way to get four plates from the top shelf in the cabinet. "Calum, you do know I have a scar, not a gash." I said with a laugh. He kissed my head, and hugged me. "I'm just happy you're okay." He said.

The door swings open, and Kyla walks in. "Babe?" Calum asked. "What's going on here?" She asked. "Uh, I'm making dinner." I replied. "Please, I know that's not what's going on." She said. I laughed, and got up on the counter, to reach a bowl on the top shelf of the cabinet. "Ashley! Be careful!" Calum yelled, supporting me. "Cal, I told you, I'm fine." I said, getting down, with the help of Calum.


"Care to explain why my boyfriend is hanging around you?" Kyla asked. "Um, because Jackie loves him?" I question. "I heard you two talking today. What does Ashton not know?" She asked. I tense up. "W-what?" I asked. "What does he not know." She said again. I got up, and opened the back door. "Jackie, come on, it's late." I said. "Little longer?" She asked. "No! Now!" I yell. She laughed, and ran around the yard. Calum gave her the stare, and she came running inside. "Let's get you washed up. I know, daddy will tuck you in when he's home." I said.

"Can Calum put me to bed?" She asked. I looked to him. "Wait. Can both of you put me to bed?" She asked. I looked at Calum, who looked nervous. "Another night." I said. "Please. Please Calum." Jackie pleaded. "Oh alright. Can never say no to those eyes." Calum said. He gave Kyla a quick kiss, and ran upstairs.

Calum's POV

"Ashley, you have to stop keeping this secret." I said. "It's not only hurting us, but it's hurting everyone else." I said. "I know. I know Ashton would leave though." She said. "No he won't. He loves you. You're getting married, baby. He won't leave." I replied. She sighed. "He thinks I stopped. Everyone thinks. You only know." She said. "And that's why you need to tell the others. They need to know." I said.

Kyla's POV

I heard their entire conversation. She is cheating on Ashton. I stop the recording, and send it to Ashton. This is what happens when I find out my boyfriend is cheating on me, with his best friend's fiancé.

Ashley's POV

Ashton came home, slamming the door. "What the hell Ashley!" He yelled. I got up off the couch. "You're fucking cheating on me Ashley! With my best mate!" He yelled. "What?" I asked. "Kyla sent me a recording of you two talking! How could you not tell me!" He yelled. "Ash, babe, I'm not cheating on you." I said. He pulls out his phone, and has me listen to the recording.

"Ashton, I swear, I am not cheating on you." I said. "Then explain this!" He screamed. I've never seen him so angry before. "I-I don't want you to leave me ash. I know you will. You're gonna be angry." I said. "Just tell me." He said, a little calmer. "I... I started.... Istartedagain." I said fast. "Slow it down." He said. I took a deep breath. "I started again." I said. His eyes pop open. "Let me see." He said. His eyes got wide, when he saw the millions of cuts that covered my arms.

He drops my arms to the sides. He grabs his coat, and leaves the house. Once the door slams shut, the tears come. I knew this would happen. I knew it!

I ran over to Calum's/Kyla's house, and banged on the door. "What do you want." Kyla said. "Please. J-just g-get me Cal-Calum." I said. "And why would I do..." "Open the god damn door! Now Kyla! I need Calum right now! I can't stay there right now!" I scream. She opens the door, and I run upstairs.

"Ash?" Calum asked, as I walk into the room. "Ashley, what's wrong. What happened? What'd he do?" He asked. "Y-you promised h-he wouldn't leave." I said between sobs. "What did he do Ashley." He said. "H-he yelled. A lot. A-and stormed out." I said. "Come here." He said.

"I-I need to! I-I need to do it Calum." I said. "Ashley. Don't you dare. Don't you dare go into that bathroom." Calum said. "I...I just need to do it. I-I can't take this." I said, walking into the bathroom, but Calum's foot gets in the way.

I drop to the ground crying. He picks me up, and hold me tight. We stay on the bathroom ground for hours, me pressed against his chest, and him, whispering, and kissing my head, telling me everything is okay.

Kyla's POV

After seeing what I just saw, I feel guilty. I could have just broken up a couple. I found out Ashley isn't cheating on Ashton. Calum was the only one who knew that she started cutting again.

There was a knock on the door, and standing in the doorway, was Ashton. "Kyla... I know Ashley's here. Let me see her." He said. I nodded, and he ran upstairs.

Ashley's POV

"I-I don't know what to do now." I said. "Shhh. It's okay. Calm down. Calm down. Everything's going to be fine." Calum said. I felt Calum tense, and I looked up, seeing Ashton in the doorway. "I'll give you two some time." Calum said, walking out of the room.

"I'm sorry." Ashton said. "I shouldn't have reacted the way I did. I should have stayed and helped you." He said. I looked up at him, with red, puffy eyes. "How long?" He asked. I didn't answer. "Look at me." He said. I lifted my head up. "I won't be mad. I promise." He said. I sigh. "A month." I said in a low whisper. He takes a deep breath. "Okay, we can figure something out." He said. "Baby, I love you no matter what, okay." Ashton said. I nodded, and he pulled me into his chest. "Don't ever think differently." He said.

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