Fighting To Love

"Every family, friend, couple fight. But we can make it through this." I said. "Even though you hated me at first." He said. "You're never gonna let that go are you?" I asked. He shook his head.
{Fighting To Love is the sequel to Everything about him|ashton Irwin| I would recommend reading everything about him|ashton Irwin| first}


63. Chapter Sixty Two

Ashley's POV

"Jackie, come on. Time for school." I said, opening her bedroom door. I heard her sigh. "I know. But school is almost over." I said. She sighed again. "Dad is making breakfast, so get ready." I said. She nodded her head, and turned over in her bed. I sighed, and walked out.

"Lauren, come on. School." I said, opening her bedroom door. "I know. I'm getting ready." She said, from her closet. "Okay, don't take too long. Ashton is making breakfast. And I have to drive you." I said. "Okay. I'll be down soon." She said. I nodded, and looked at her floor. There was a belt on the ground, and shorts. A button up shirt.

I walked further into the room, and looked in her closet. "Lauren!" I yelled. "Ashley! Get out!" She yelled. "You snuck him in here, without us knowing?" I asked. She nodded, looking worried. "You're better than I am!" I squealed, hugging her. She let out a sigh of relief. "Oh, you're not off the hook yet. You are grounded. And you have to deal with Ashton." I said. She sighed.


"Jaclyn Rose." I said. She looked up to me. "Give dad a hug." I said. She sighed, and hugged Ashton. "I'm going with dad this weekend, right? To the studio?" She asked. I nodded. "Good. I want to spend time with him." She said. I smiled. "Come on." I said, rushing her out the door. She sighed, and ran to the car. "I'll be back later. Don't forget, you are dropping Bry off at my dads. And Nicole to daycare." I said. Ashton nodded, and kissed me.


"Alright, bye." I said, kissing Jackie's forehead. "Bye mom." She said. "I love you." I said, as she opened her door. "Love you too." She replied. I pulled out the parking lot, to see lots of paparazzi. I rolled my eyes, and put my sunglasses on. They banged on the window, and took pictures of me inside the car, and of the car seats in the back. I sighed, and drove faster.


"So, when are you two getting married?" Livvy asked, playing with Luke's hair. "Um, probably soon." I replied. 'When is soon, so I can take off." Nicole said. "Soon Nic. Soon." I replied. She laughed. "Let me tell you, this new boss we have at the company... She is something." Brook said, playing with Michael's bracelets. "Really?" I asked. Nicole and Brook both nodded. "She screams at me for bringing Miles into work." Nicole said. My eyes got wide. "And... If Michael comes in, she yells, telling Nicole to call security." Brook said. I shook my head. "Like, Michael's my friend, I don't want to kick him out." She said. Michael looked up. "Would you put that pizza down for two seconds?" I asked him. He shook his head.

"Not after you beat me almost to death in your first date with Ashton." He said. I laughed. "Calm down. It was my pizza." I said. He shook his head. "And then when you called me, saying you have pizza. When you were on tour." I said. He smirked, and kissed my cheek. "I love you." He said. I rolled my eyes. "You better, considering you eat all of my child's ice cream." I said. "Nicole loves Uncle Mikey." He said. I rolled my eyes.

"We gotta go to work." Nicole said, getting up. "Alright. I'll come by and visit maybe." I said, hugging her. She nodded. "See you soon." I said. She nodded. I hugged Brook, and watched them leave. "Boys, wanna come?" I asked. They nodded.


Nicole's POV

"Nicole!" My new boss yelled. I rolled my eyes, and walked into her office. "Yes ma'am." I said. "Go get your friend, the one you walked in with. I need to speak with her. Now!" She yelled. I rolled my eyes, and nodded. I walked out of her office, and into Brook's. "B, bitch wants you." I said. "What now." She said, getting up. "Why can't Ash come back?" I asked. She shrugged.

When I walked into Bitch's office, Ashley was standing up, with her arms crossed. "What do you mean? I'm not allowed here? I was the boss here before you." Ashley said. I walked to Michael and Luke. Brook leaned into Michael, and I leaned into Luke's chest. He held me by my waist, and I smiled at him. "What's going on?" I asked. "Ashley is fighting with her." Luke replied. I sighed, and leaned my head back.

After an hour of watching Ashley and Bitch fight, Ashley finally left. "Well?" I asked, getting up from Luke's lap. "I hate her." She said. I laughed. "We call her Bitch." Brook said. "You girls might want to leave. She will be pissed for the rest of the day." She said. We both nodded.

Luke and I. We aren't dating. He's with Livvy. We're only friends. We actually get along really well. He helps me out in the morning with Miles. While I'm getting ready, he will watch him, and feed him. He's great. But, I would never date Luke. He's not my type.


Ashton's POV

"She's two Ashton! What do you expect to happen!" Ashley yelled, throwing a plate into the sink. "That she knows enough not to throw up in my car!" I yelled. "She's two! She didn't know! That's like saying Bryant shit his pants! Because he's just born! It's not always going to be perfect!" She yelled. I rolled my eyes. "Don't roll your eyes at me." She said. "I'll roll my eyes all I want." I snapped. "Just like how I can walk out the door?" She asked. "You wouldn't ever walk out the door! Because there's no way in hell you can handle three kids!" I yelled. She slapped me across the face, and grabbed Nicole and Bryant. "Watch me." She said, opening the door.


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