Fighting To Love

"Every family, friend, couple fight. But we can make it through this." I said. "Even though you hated me at first." He said. "You're never gonna let that go are you?" I asked. He shook his head.
{Fighting To Love is the sequel to Everything about him|ashton Irwin| I would recommend reading everything about him|ashton Irwin| first}


70. Chapter Sixty Nine

Ashley's POV

"Hey Mikey." Jackie smiled. "Hey kiddo." Michael smiled. She climbed up onto his lap, and leaned against his chest. "How'd you sleep?" He asked. "Good." She replied. "Still tired?" He asked. She nodded. "Mom, can you make me breakfast?" She asked. I nodded, and took out a pan. "Why don't you go tell your sisters I'm making breakfast. And make sure Lauren gets your brother." I sighed.

Once I made breakfast, Michael's phone rang. "Hey." "No, yeah, I'm with her." "You what!" "No. What the hell." "When?" "Last night? What the hell is wrong with you." "No! I will not come. No. Call Calum." "Yes, call Calum. No." "No Ashton. Call Calum." "I'm with your wife. Your wife. Hear that? Wife. As in married. As in commitments." He hung up the phone.

"What did Ashton do?" I asked. He shook his head. "Michael, what did he do?" I asked again. "Something... you won't like." He sighed. "What was it?" I asked.


Ashton walked in the door, with a blank expression. "Lauren, take the girls upstairs." I said. "B-" "Now." I said. She huffed, and picked Bryant up, and led the girls upstairs. Once I heard the door close, I turned to Ashton, and slapped him across the face.

"You son of a bitch!" I screamed. "You're hungover. And you cheated!" I screamed. He closed his eyes. "I told you. I told you if this happens again, I'm done. And it happened again!" I yelled. He shook his head. "I told you before, if it happens again, I won't forgive you." I said. "I... regret it." He whispered.

"We are married, Ashton! Married! We don't cheat on each other! It's one thing to go out and get drunk, we all do that. But it's another to have sex with someone else." I yelled. "I... remember everything. I wasn't drunk." He whispered. "You were sober!" I screamed. He looked down. "What the hell is wrong with you!" I yelled.

"I gave you way too many chances. And this is the last one." I said. He looked at me. "I warned you the first time, and now.... you get the price." I sighed. "Please. Don't go. Please." He cried. I shook my head. "If Lauren wants to stay, she can. But I'm taking the girls and Bryant." I said. "Ashley, please." He said, grabbing my arm. I shook my head. "You can keep the house. Do whatever you want with the house. I will bring the kids over sometimes. When I start work again, they will come here." I informed, trying to hold back tears.

I walked up the stairs, and into the bedroom. I grabbed my suitcase, and opened it. I threw my clothes in it, and sighed. "Jaclyn Rose!" I yelled. She came running in. "Something came up, do you want to stay here, or come with me?" I asked. She looked at me. "Can I stay with dad?" She asked. I took a deep breath, and nodded. "Yeah." I smiled. She nodded, and ran out.

"Hey baby girl." I said, walking into Nicole's room. She smiled at me, and climbed onto my lap. "Do you want to come with mommy, or stay with daddy?" I asked. "Mommy." She replied. I nodded, and walked to her closet. I grabbed her suitcase, and packed her clothes. "Come on." I sighed, grabbing the handle to her suitcase.

"Laur, give me a hug." I sighed, walking into her room. "Do you have to go?" She asked. I nodded, and sighed. "But you're supposed to be my sister til the end." She whispered. "And I still am. I always will be." I replied. "Can I come with you?" She asked. "I don't know if Ashton would like that." I sighed. "Please, let me come with you. I can't be the only girl in here." She cried. "Lauren, I can't take you with me. I would love to, but I can't." I sighed. She hugged me tightly. "I love you so much honey." I whispered. "I love you too. Please, don't leave." She cried. "I have to. What Ashton did is.... unforgivable." I sighed.

"Jackie decided to stay with you. Lauren wants to come with me, but I told her she needs to stay." I informed. "Bryant is coming with me. Nicole is coming with me. Like I said, I'll drop them off when I go back to work. And... I'll keep the ring on. I am not getting a divorce. This is my family, and my kids need a father." I informed. He nodded, and pushed his hair out of his face.


"We're going to stay with Aunt Anne for a little, until the new house is ready." I said, getting Nicole out of her car seat. She ran to the front door, and opened it. I took Bryant out of his seat, and grabbed the diaper bag. "Come on baby." I sighed, closing, and locking the car.

"Hey." Annelyy sighed, hugging me. I hugged her back, and sighed. "He cheated, sweetie, I'm sorry." She sighed. I nodded, and sighed. "It's.... going to be okay. I'm gonna start work again. And, I'm gonna be okay." I sighed. She nodded, and sighed.


Ashton's POV

"Dad, tuck me in?" Jackie asked. I nodded, and walked into her room. She laid down, and pulled the blankets up to her shoulders. "Goodnight ladybug." I sighed, kissing her head. She smiled, and hugged me. "I love you dad." She smiled. "I love you too baby." I whispered.

"Laur, lights out." I sighed. "No." She replied. I looked at her. "Why would you cheat on her?" She asked. I huffed. "Why would you do it? Just why? She's my sister now. And you... went and... cheated on her." She snapped. I sighed. "I was angry." I sighed. "So, you cheated on her." She said. I looked down. "Go to sleep." I sighed, closing her door.

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