Fighting To Love

"Every family, friend, couple fight. But we can make it through this." I said. "Even though you hated me at first." He said. "You're never gonna let that go are you?" I asked. He shook his head.
{Fighting To Love is the sequel to Everything about him|ashton Irwin| I would recommend reading everything about him|ashton Irwin| first}


7. Chapter Seven

Ashley's POV

It's been a month since I found out I was pregnant, and the guys are really supportive. Annoying, but supportive. They come over everyday, they watch Jackie, take her to school, take Lauren to school. My car broke down though, and Michael has been driving and picking me up from work.

"Babe, I wanna take you out tonight." Ashton said on the phone. "really? Where?" I asked. "Somewhere fancy." He said. "Ash, you know I don't look good in a dress with this bump." I said. "Please." He said. "Fine. Michael's picking me up again today, so I'll need time to get ready." I said. "Reservations are at eight." He said.

"Ashley, Roselyn has that paper you told her to do." Nicole said. "Thank you." I said, walking out of my office. "Oh, Ashley, I wanted to let you know, you look amazing." Brook, a new worker on the floor said. "Thank you brook." I said with a smile.

"Rose you have the paper?" I asked, as I entered Roselyn's office. "Yes I do." She said going through papers. "You mind if I sit?" I asked. "No, go right ahead." She said. "Thanks." I said. "So how's Ashton with all this baby stuff?" She asked. "He's good. We actually tried to look for a stroller yesterday, he wants ducks, and I want dots." I said, she laughed.

"Rose, is Ashley in your office?" Nicole asked over the phone. "Yes." She replied. "Ashley, there is a girl here, says she knows you. She came to talk to you about something." Nicole said. "Whenever you find the paper, just put it on my desk okay." I said leaving.

"Rachel?" I asked, as I walked into the lobby. "Ashley!" She said, hugging me. "Thank you Nicole." I said, leading Rachel into my office.

"I need you to sign this." She said handing me a paper. I looked at it. "You're suspended. Again?!" I asked. "This stupid girl keeps annoying me, so I kicked her." She said. "Rach, that's not good." I said. "I know, but please just sign it." She said. "You need to stop this." I said. "Can I stay with you?" She asked. I looked at her, and put my pen down. "Isn't dad there?" I asked. "Barely. He's always on some business trip." She said. I sighed. "Fine. But the guys are in an out of the house. I don't wanna hear that you aren't listening to ashton or whoever is there that day." I said. "Okay!" She said.

"Hey Nicole. Can you call Ashton, tell him that Rachel is staying with us for a while?" I asked. "Sure. Anything else?" She asked. "Oh, yes! Remind him that I have an appointment tomorrow, and he needs to be there." I said. "Tomorrow is the day we find out the gender." I said. She smiled. "What are you having?" I asked. "Boy." She said. "Jackie wants a sister. Hopefully it's a sister. She said if it's a boy, she gonna mail him somewhere far." I said. She laughed.


"So this is your office?" Rachel asked. I nodded. "Ashley, you have a visitor." Nicole said. I looked out the doors, and saw Luke standing there, with flowers. I smiled. "Sit. In the chair. Don't move." I said as Luke came in. "Yes ma'm." He said. "Not you." I said. "You look amazing. Who knew pregnancy can make someone look so nice." He said kissing my cheek. I laughed. "Thanks. I think." I said. He laughed.

I was talking to Luke, when something shattered. I turned my attention over to Rachel, who stood next to the glass. "What did I say." I said walking over to her. "Sorry. I wanted to see the picture, and it fell." She said. "Go, sit. I don't want you getting hurt." I said, bending down to pick up the glass. "No ash. No." Luke said. I rolled my eyes. "I'm pregnant, not sick." I said. He laughed.


"Ashley, Michael is waiting for you." Nicole said. "Come on." I said to Rachel. "Are we going to your place?" She asked. "Yes, and when you get in the car, you say hello, and talk." I said. "I know." She said.

"Hey, who is that girl?" Michael asked as I got in the car. "Who? Brook?" I asked. "I guess." He replied. "Shes new. She was hired about a month ago. Very nice girl." I said.

"Brook!" I yelled out the window. "Oh. Hi Ashley." Brook said, walking to the car. "Do you need a ride?" I asked. "Uh. If you don't mind." She said. "Hop in." I said. "Thank you." She said running into the back.

"How's school Rachel?" Michael asked. "Same old." She said. He looked at me. "Fights, homework, suspension." I said. He nodded. "Do you have a boyfriend?" He asked. "Don't even ask that question." I said. "No, not yet." She said. I smiled.


Ashton's POV

I was in the middle of picking out a suit for my date tonight. I have something big planned. But, I was in the middle of picking out my suit, when I heard yelling, and the door close. I walked out in sweat pants, and that's it. "No, no! I told you! I told you not to touch it, and you did! And you broke it!" Ashley yelled. "Hey babe." I said. "Oh. Hey. I didn't think you would be home." She said. "Calum and Kyla are picking up Lauren." I said.

"Did you hear about Lauren today?" I asked Ashley, as she searched for a dress. "No, what?" She asked. "Some girl kicked her to the ground today, I had to go to the school, and talk to the principal." I said. "Hm. Really." She said, walking out of the bathroom, dressed in a long black dress. "Whoa." I said. She smiled.

Ashley's POV

"Okay, we're going." I said. "Whoa." Calum said. I laughed. "Bye mom! See you later!" Jackie said hugging me. "Rachel. Don't kill anyone. Calum, Luke, Michael, step up and take care of them." I said. They nodded.


"Mr. Irwin, right this way." The man, at the door said. Ashton took my hand in his, and we walked down the aisle. "This place is so pretty." I said, as Ashton pulled my chair out for me.

"I feel like people are staring at me." I said. "Why?" He asked. "I am very self conscious about my body right now." I said. "Don't be. You're gorgeous." He said, taking my hand in his. I smiled.

"Ashley?" Someone said. "Anne!" I said, getting up. "Wow! Um. Look at you!" She said. I smiled. "One month." I said. "Wow. I really need to come back don't I." She said. "Yeah! You being away at college is like torture!" I said. "I'll let you two get back to your date." She said.

"So, I wanted everyone to be here, but, i changed my mind." He said. "Now that we are having a baby, I want to take the next step." He said. Babe, there's something I have to tell you. I was gonna wait, but now that we are gonna have a baby. And now that we're leaving soon, I figured I would do it now." Ashton said. I totally forgot that we are leaving in three months! Which means, I'm gonna have a baby, alone. And on tour. No, he'll be here for that. All the other times I was in the hospital, he came.

"Ashley, I have loved you for what feels like forever, even though it's been only a year and a half." He said. I laughed. He took my hands in his. "That first day that I saw you, I knew you were perfect. I knew you were the one. You may not have liked me, but I sure as hell liked you. He said. "And all these fights we have, is because we love each other. All of these nights that we have, messing around, is because we really love each other." He said. I laughed. "Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. Every second. Every minute. Every hour of the day, I think of you. I think of a life we will have." He said. He got down on one knee. "I think about how I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So, that being said, Ashley Ann-Marie Green, will you marry me?" He asked. "I'll have to think about it." I said. He looked at me sadly. "I made my decision. It's a... N...yes!" I yelled. Everyone around me clapped.

"Diamond ring." I said. He smiled. "Why do you think Anne is here?" He asked. "I love you." I said, kissing him. "I can't believe you hated me when we first met." He said. "You're never gonna let me live that down are you?" I asked. "Nope." He said, laughing.


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