Fighting To Love

"Every family, friend, couple fight. But we can make it through this." I said. "Even though you hated me at first." He said. "You're never gonna let that go are you?" I asked. He shook his head.
{Fighting To Love is the sequel to Everything about him|ashton Irwin| I would recommend reading everything about him|ashton Irwin| first}


48. Chapter Forty Seven

Lauren's POV

"Alright, Michael will be here to pick you up." Ashley said. I nodded. Mikey convinced Ashton to let me go back to school, which is good. No longer having a house of just me and a really hot tutor... On second thought.

Ashley's POV

"Wow! That's amazing Ashley." Nicole said. "Yeah, only thing is... Guest room, has to be turned into another nursery." I replied. "You'll do fine." She replied. I smiled. "Oh, you have a meeting in ten." She said. I nodded.

"Alright, this isn't like any other meeting." The boss of the entire company said. I gulped. "We are letting people go." He said. "Following people who are called, sill immodestly go clean their office." He said.

"Roselyn George, Jocelyn Henry." He said. That's all my good people. "Ashley Green." WHAT?!? "Clean your offices out." He said. I nodded, and left the room.

"Ashley." Nicole said, hugging me. "Call me, alright." She said. I nodded. "I called Michael to help." She said. "Thanks." I replied, carrying my boxes down the stairs.


Michael helped me carry my boxes into the garage. There were a total of six boxes. Three for me. Three for Michael. "Good luck." He said, kissing my head. I smiled.

"Hey." Ashton said. I smiled. "Listen, we have a little problem." I said. Jump into things. Good job Ash. "Mhm." "I got laid off." I said. "What?" He asked. "my boss laid me off. I got fired." I said. "We will make through this." He said. I nodded.

Lauren's POV

"Hi, I'm Vincent. I'm new here. Well, it's been a full week since I've been here, I just haven't talked." Some kid said. I smiled. "Hey. Nice to meet you Vincent. I'm Lauren." I replied. He smiled. He's really cute. Blonde hair, green eyes, tall, slim, little chunky, not a lot. "So, um, who's the teacher here?" He asked. "Oh, Mr. London. He's cool. Just don't get on his bad side." I replied. "Got it." He replied. I smiled.

"New kid." Holly said. Vincent  turned around and smiled. Holly nodded her head for him to come sit with her and her group. "See you around." He said, getting up. I sighed, but nodded. She always does this. I just wish she knew who my soon to be sister is. Because I'm sure, she would stop torturing me, and actually try to be nice.


"Lauren!" Vincent called. "Lauren! Hey, slow down." He said, catching up to me. "What." I snapped. "Whoa, calm down." He said. "Sorry." I replied. This kid is really cute, and I really don't want Holly to steal him from me. But I know she will. "So, can I walk you home?" He asked. "Um, I don't think-" "Please. Just friends." He said. I smiled, and nodded.

"Greg, please don't say anything." I said. "I won't." Greg, my new security guard replied. Since Kyle got fired, I needed a new one, and Greg was one of the guys guarding the house, so I got him, and Rick, another guard, is now taking Greg's spot at the house. "Here he comes." I said, perking up.

"Hey." Vincent said, walking with me. I smiled. "Who's this? Your dad?" He asked. "um, no. He works for my brother."  replied. He nodded, as well as Greg. "So, you've been here for a total of..." Vincent started. "About... A year. Still haven't lost my accent." I replied "I think it's cute." He said. I smiled.

Holly and her group came in front of us, and just smiled. "Hey Vincent." Holly said. "Hey Hol." He replied. "Come hang with us." She said. "Alright." He replied, walking away from me. HE WALKED AWAY FROM ME. "Come on." Greg said, pulling me ahead. "Why me." I said. He shrugged.


Ashley's POV

"Anne! Look at you!" I yelled, hugging Annelyy. She's back from London, with Matt. Her stomach grew, and she has a bump. "Five months." Someone said behind her. "Matt!" I said, hugging him. "Hey, miss us?" He asked, putting his arm around Anne's waist. I nodded. "Can't believe you two are a couple now." I said. They both smiled at each other. "Oh, and I heard about your news, congratulations." Anne said. "Thank you." I replied, with a smile. "Come in." I said, opening the door.


"It's not fair!" Lauren yelled, running into the house. Her security guard, Greg followed her in. "What happened?" I asked. "Holly takes everything!" She yelled. "Holly? As in Holly Cale?" Anne asked. I nodded. "A really cute guy was walking me home, and she interrupted, and he walked off with her." Lauren said. I gasped. "Matt, do you want to go play with Jackie and Nicole?" I asked. "I don't have a choice do I?" He asked. Anne and I both shook our heads.

"Boys are boys." I said. "But I like this kid." Lauren replied, plopping down next to me. I sighed. "Holly is spoiled. She always was. You just need some background on her to fight her back with." Anne said. "Which you have." Lauren smiled. "No. Absolutely not. Ashton will kill me. I don't need you getting into a fight." I said. "Please Ash!" Lauren begged. "No." I said. She gave me those eyes that Ashton gives me. "I hate you." I said.

"Holly... is adopted. The Cale's adopted her when she was three. Gave her everything she wanted. When Henry, her adoptive father, became principal, she got out of everything." Anne said. "I can't believe I am saying this." I said. "Holly used to love Henry. Like... actually love him. Too far. She did everything to me, and to Rachel to get his attention. When I found out I was pregnant with Jackie, she did everything she could do... To make my life hell, just to Henry would do anything for her. I don't know how it worked, but it did. Because he did everything for her." I said.

"When Holly was... Maybe ten, she found her birth parents, and went to live with them. That didn't work out for so long, because she was being a bitch. They made her go back with Henry. When henry and I dated, she was pretty much jealous of me." I said. "So, her parents didn't want her?" Lauren asked. I nodded. She smiled.


Lauren's POV

I smiled, as I walked up to Holly. "Hey." I said. "Why are you talking to me." She replied. "I know everything about you, Holly Elizabeth Jameson." I said. She froze. "Where did you get that last name." She said. "I have my ways." I replied. "Now, I know a lot about you, much more than any of your friends." I said. "Yeah? Like what." She said. "I know you're adopted. I know you used to like your brother. I know you made my sister's life a living hell. I know when you were ten, you found your real parents, and they thought you were a bitch, so they made you leave. I know when your brother and my sister dated, you were jealous of her." I said. "W-who told you?" She asked. "Just some sources. Maybe you know them. Annelyy Thomas and Ashley Green." I said. Her jaw dropped, and she ran away. I smiled, and everyone in the hallway cheered. I smiled.

"You made her cry!" Holly's friend yelled. "Oh well." I replied, walking away. I saw Vincent standing in the corner, jaw dropped. I did it. I stood up for myself. Even if Vincent doesn't approve, I do.


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