Fighting To Love

"Every family, friend, couple fight. But we can make it through this." I said. "Even though you hated me at first." He said. "You're never gonna let that go are you?" I asked. He shook his head.
{Fighting To Love is the sequel to Everything about him|ashton Irwin| I would recommend reading everything about him|ashton Irwin| first}


54. Chapter Fifty Three

Ashley's POV

"Okay Ms. Green. Your baby is doing great. Growing perfectly. Heart rate is perfect. But... Your blood pressure is a little high. You need to try and get it to be lower." My doctor said. I nodded. "But besides the blood pressure, everything is great." He said. "He is a healthy baby." He said. I smiled.

"No boyfriend?" He asked. "No, he's at the studio today. He said he couldn't miss it, because they have a meeting today." I replied. "He's a busy man." He said. I nodded.

"So, I want to ask you something." He said. I nodded. "Now, since I am your doctor, since a teenager, I am worried." He said. "About what?" I asked. "You." He replied. I sighed. "Take them off." He said. I sighed.

He sighed and sat down. "Ashley, you can't do this anymore. It's bad for you body. And if you lose too much blood, it's bad for the baby." He said. "I know, but I'm stressed. I'm losing my battle that I've fought for years. I'm losing my protection for Rachel." I said quietly. "You need to tell her, Ashley." He said. "What am I supposed to say? Rachel, mom put me in charge of you before she died, I have to protect you. She won't listen." I said. He shrugged. "Try." He said.


Lauren's POV

"Who's picking you up loser?" Holly asked, flicking my hair. I didn't answer. "Silent treatment." She said. No answer. "My brother told me that you were dating a nineteen year old. You know that's like... Illegal?" She said. I bit my tongue, and texted Mikey. 'Hurry up'

"Oh look, little miss everything." Holly said, referring to Rachel who was now standing next to me. "Oh please." Rachel said. "Hey Rach, I heard you got abused. Was it that bitch of a mother? Oh wait, you don't have one." She said. My jaw dropped. I could see the anger, and the tears building up in her eyes.

Mikey showed up just in time, because Holly was driving me crazy. Right as I was about to step into the car, Holly said something. "Your little niece, isn't even your brothers kid! That slut cheated on him so many times!" She yelled. I stepped away from the car, and stormed over to Holly. "Say one more thing about my family." I warned. "You moved away from mommy, because you wanted to become a slut like-" I cut her off by punching her.

"Lauren!" Mikey yelled, pulling me off of her. I was in tears. Sobbing. "Don't talk about my family, or I will tell the whole school about yours." I warned, walking away, still sobbing.

"What the hell was that!" Mikey yelled. I didn't answer. "You know I'm going to have to tell Ashton and Ashley." He said. "You always have to." I replied. He sighed. "Laur, is for the best to tell them." He said. "No it's not! Ashley always gets involved because she knows Henry! She knows the family! I need to fight my own battles!" I yelled. Rachel was in the back, silent.

Ashton's POV

Mikey: We need to talk

Me: about what?

Lukey: when?

Cal-pal: where?

Mikey: about Lauren. We need to talk now. I dropped her off at her friends. Maybe your place Ash?

Me: yeah. Does Ashley need to be in this?

Mikey: yeah. All the girlfriends

Cal-pal: so I should get Kyla?

Mikey: yes. I'm at Brook's house now

Me: okay


"I witnessed something today." Mikey said. "Which was?" I asked. "Lauren... Getting bullied again." He said. I felt ashley tense next to me. "Rachel... Too." He said. "What did she say?" Calum asked, knowing it's Holly. "She told Rachel... She heard she got abused. And she said, was it your mom, oh wait you don't have one." Mikey said. Ashley got up and walked away. I noticed Kyla got up too, and ran over to her.

Ashley's POV

"I'm supposed to protect her, I can't do that if she goes through this." I sobbed. Kyla sighed, and pulled me into her. "Just don't cut. Please don't." She said. "I-I won't. I just... Need a bath." I said. She nodded.

I turned the water on, and ran the bath. I stepped into it, feeling the burning hot water. I sunk all the way down into the water, feeling the burning on my skin. I have to do what's best. I have to do everything I can... To get this done. No more bullies.


I knocked on Henry's door. "Ashley, what a lovely surprise." Henry's mom, Anita said. "Hi Anita. I was hoping I could speak to you." I said. "Oh. Of course. No one else is home, come on in." She said.

"I have some news, about Holly." I said. "What did she do this time?" She asked. "She is bullying Rachel, and my boyfriend's sister." I said. Her mood changed. "Ashley, I am so sorry. What can I do?" She said. "Well, maybe you can get her to stop? I mean, I know holly is a great kid, but she bullies my family, and being the adult, I need to make it stop. I talked to Henry, and your husband, they said they can't do anything about it." I said. "You are like mr daughter, I will do everything I can." She said. "Thank you." I replied.


Annelyy's POV

"Matt!" I yelled. No answer. He has been busy with college, which leaves me home with Mathew. But he's home now, and yet, I still have the baby. This is ridiculous.

I put Mathew in his play pin, and walked down the hallway. "Matt, God damnit. Answer me." I said, opening the door. "What do you want me to do Anne! What! You're breathing down this kids neck!" He yelled. "I want you to be a father! To your kid!" I yelled. "Well that won't happen! Your breathing down his fucking neck!" He screamed. "I hate people like that!" He screamed. "You hate me." I said, backing away. "I do! You're so annoying!" He yelled.

I kissed Mathew's head, and walked out the door. Let's see how he likes this one. He has to raise a kid now.

Matt's POV(finally)

I heard Mathew crying. "Anne! He's crying!" I yelled. No answer. I sighed and walked down the stairs. Mathew laid in his play pin, screaming. I sighed and picked him up.

On the door, there was a note.

'Dear Matt,

You're not the person I thought you were. I'm sorry. I left Mathew with you, because you need to be a father. You're right. I do breathe down his neck. And that needs to change. He's your son, you have him. There are diapers, food, formula. Good luck. I might be back.

Your friend,


She signed it your friend.

Annelyy's POV

"Anne, what's wrong?" Ashley asked. "Matt... And I... Got into a fight... And... I left." I sobbed. "Oh my god, honey." She said, pulling me into a hug. "Where's Mathew?" I asked. "W-with Matt." I said. "You can stay here. There's a bed in Jackie's room." She said. I nodded.

Matt and Annelly... What do you think she will do? Go back? Or stay with Ashley? Comment your thoughts! LUKE'S GIRLFRIEND SHOWS UP NEXT CHAPTER!

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