Fighting To Love

"Every family, friend, couple fight. But we can make it through this." I said. "Even though you hated me at first." He said. "You're never gonna let that go are you?" I asked. He shook his head.
{Fighting To Love is the sequel to Everything about him|ashton Irwin| I would recommend reading everything about him|ashton Irwin| first}


59. Chapter Fifty Eight

Ashley's POV

"Baby?" Nicole asked. "Baby." I nodded. She smiled, and patted his head. "Do nice." I said. She patted his head again. I smiled. "Dada?" She asked. "No baby." I said. She pouted. "I know. Daddy is sleeping." I said. She sighed. "Wakey?" She asked. I shook my head. "No baby. Daddy needs to rest." I said. She sighed.

"Laur, can you watch her?" I asked. Lauren nodded. "Thanks. I need to feed him, then wake up Ash." I said. She laughed. "Good luck with waking him up." She said. "I have my ways." I said. "Uh, ew." She said. I laughed. Ashton and I stayed up all night last night, taking care of the baby, and trying to find a new house. Lauren wants Harry to come stay with us. But we have just enough room for all of us now, unless he stays in the extra bed in Jackie's room.

I sat down in the rocking chair in Bryant's room. "Alright." I said, feeding him. I smiled down at him, admiring how much he looks like Ashton. His eyes, his nose, and he is built like Ashton. He looks nothing like me. But he is just the perfect little Ashton. He's my perfect little boy.

It's hard to believe Ashton and I have been together for so long. I mean, two kids, plus Jackie and Lauren. It's hard to believe we have two kids together. It feels like just like yesterday I was setting up for his band at school. Nicole walked into the room. "Mamma." She said. I looked down at her. "Mikey." She said. I nodded. She ran out of the room.

I finished feeding Bryant, and got up. "Lets go see Uncle Mikey." I said, walking out of his room. I closed the door, and walked down the hall. Nicole stood by the stairs. She can't go down the stairs yet, but she's learning. She's doing good with walking, and talking. "Come on." I said, taking her hand in mine. She walked down the stairs slowly, holding onto my hand tightly.

"Hey." Michael said, once we got down the stairs. Nicole ran to him, and he picked her up. "Hey." I said, hugging him. "How are you feeling?" He asked. "Tired. But good." I replied. "He's adorable." He said. "I know. Looks like Ashton." I said. He nodded. "I need to go wake him up." I sighed. "Can you hold him?" I asked. He nodded, and took my little baby boy from me.

I walked up the stairs, into mine and Ashton's room. Ashton was sprawled out all over the bed. I laughed quietly, and walked to the bed. "Ashton." I whispered. "Ashton, babe." I said. He groaned, and moved farther away from the bed. I sighed, and went with Plan B.

I crawled across the bed, and sat on his lap. I leaned down, and kissed him. I moved my hands down his chest. I stopped kissing him, and just sat there. "If you're going to do that, you should finish." He groaned. I smirked. "I wouldn't have to do that, if you woke up." I said. "I'm up now. But now, you did this." He said, moving the blankets off of him. I looked down, and smirked. "And I will leave you like that." I said, getting up. "Oh no you don't." He said, pulling me back down. I yelped. "Ashton!" I yelled. He smiled, and kissed me. "Babe, your son is downstairs, and so is your daughter, and Jackie." I said. He groaned. "Fine." He said, letting me go.


"Who are the god parents?" Calum asked. "Well, we didn't exactly figure it out yet." I said. "We were thinking having Calum and Annelyy. But now... I think... Niall and Kyla." I said. "Niall?" Ashton asked. I nodded. "Alright." He said. I smiled. "Call the guys over babe. We have a new baby that we need to show off." I said. He laughed, and nodded.


Someone knocked on the door. I gave Ashton Bryant, and walked to the door. "Mrs. Irwin." I said. I looked at Ashton, who perked up. "Where's my grandson." She said, with a smile. "In..." I got cut off, by her walking into my house. Shoving me out of the way.

"Ashley, do you ever feed this kid?" She asked. "He's very light." She said. I took a deep breath. "Yes I do feed him. Every morning, afternoon, and night. And in between meals." I said. "That's too much dear." She said. "I did that with Nicole, and she's fine." I stated. "She is? She's looking a little... chubby lately." She said. My eyes got wide. Ashton just sat there. I get it, it's his mom. "I need to put him down for a nap. Along with Nicole." I said, walking to Ashton's mom. She pulled him back from me. "I need my son." I said. "He can stay up for a little longer." She said.

"You know what, I'm going to take Jackie to school." I said, walking away. "Ashley." Ashton said. I ignored him. "Babe." He said. I heard footsteps following me. "What Ashton!" I yelled. He sighed. "You're tired." He said. "I'm not tired. I'm annoyed. I told you to invite the guys. Not your... not your mom." I whispered the last part. He sighed. "I'm just going to bring Jackie to school. Maybe go for a walk." I said, going into Jackie's room. I heard him sigh.

"Come on. Time for school." I said. Jackie got up, and walked down the stairs. "Morning ladybug." Ashton said. Jackie hugged him, and he picked her up. "Dad." She said. Ashton kissed her nose, and she giggled. "I want to stay home." She said. "Nope. You have to go to school. I will be there to pick you up." I said. She sighed. "Mom." She said. "Don't mom me. You are going to school." I said. She sighed. "Fine." She said.

"Say bye to dad." I said. "Bye dad." She said, hugging him. "Bye ladybug." He replied. "Be safe, alright." He said to me. I rolled my eyes. "I love you!" He yelled. "I'm sure you do!" I yelled back. Jackie ran to the car, and got in the front seat. "Backseat." I said. "Mom!" She whined. "Fine." I said. She smiled.

"Is Ashton my step dad?" She asked. I looked at her. "Where is this coming from?" I asked. "Well, I know Ashton isn't my real dad. And Kyle has a step dad. He said his real dad went away, and his mom married someone else. So, is that like Ashton?" She asked. I sighed. "Baby, Ashton isn't your real dad, which you know." I said. She nodded. "It wasn't my idea for him to be your dad. You called him daddy one day when he was on tour." I said. She smiled. "It was very cute. And he was so happy. So, you kept calling him dad. And now... I guess you're figuring things out." I said. She nodded.

"Ashton is your dad in your mind." I said. "What if I want to live with my real dad?" She asked. I stopped the car. Thank god we're in a parking lot. "Listen to me." I said. She nodded. "Your real dad, is crazy. Insane. I wouldn't let you go live with him for anything." I said. "But why?" She asked. "Because I don't want you living with him. So, no. I would never let you live with that man. He may be your real father, but he is no father for a child." I said. "But-" "End of conversation. Go to school." I said. She nodded, and got out of the car.


I walked in the front door, seeing the living room was a mess. But I didn't care. I need to drink. I walked into the kitchen, and grabbed a glass. I walked to the liquor cabinet, and grabbed the strongest thing I could find. I poured it into the glass, and sat at the table.

"Someone is stressed." Someone said. I looked behind me, seeing Ashton's mom. "Look, I'm not in the mood right now. I don't care if you don't like drinking. But I need this right now. So please, if you're going to say anything about me drinking, just walk out now." I said. Her eyes got wide, and she walked out.

"Why is my mom upset?" Ashton asked. I looked to him, and he sat next to me. "What's wrong?" He asked. "It's nothing." I said. "Hey, what's wrong." He said again. "Jackie said something that... really... made an impact on me." I said. "What did she say?" He asked. "She... asked if you were her step dad." I said. He slumped down in his chair. "I told her no, because she called you dad since she was little." I said. He nodded.

"Then... She asked about Tyler. She said... She wants to live with him." I said. He looked at me. "And. I. I told her no. And... I. I don't know what to do." I said, my voice cracking. "Hey. Hey. Sh. Sh." He said, hugging me. "I don't know what to do Ashton. I don't know." I said. "Sh. Calm down." He said. I cried into his shoulder. "Maybe letting her live with Tyler will be good. Let her get a chance to meet him." He said. "Are you crazy! He practically killed us all in that fire he set!" I yelled. "Sh. Sh. I'm just saying. Maybe it's good. Maybe for a few days." He said. I sighed.  



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