Fighting To Love

"Every family, friend, couple fight. But we can make it through this." I said. "Even though you hated me at first." He said. "You're never gonna let that go are you?" I asked. He shook his head.
{Fighting To Love is the sequel to Everything about him|ashton Irwin| I would recommend reading everything about him|ashton Irwin| first}


23. Chapte Twenty Two

Ashley's POV

"Babe, my mum is coming this week." Ashton said. "Oh, I completely forgot! Thanks! Is your brother coming too?" I asked. He nodded. "My mum is so excited to see her little, 'Chubba Wubba.'" He said. I broke into laughs.

"We should invite the guys over for dinner. Since your mums flight should be landing soon." I said. "Yea, mum said she misses them." Ashton said.


"Oh Ashton! I missed you so much!" Ashton's mom says, hugging him tightly. "Oh my. Look at you darling. You don't look twenty!" She said. "Mum!" Ashton said. "Sorry, sorry. Where are two two girls?" She asked. "Lauren!" Ashton yelled. "I'll go get Nicole. Ashton, invite the guys over. Please." I said.

"Hello baby." I said, picking up Nicole. She started to cry, loudly. "Ssh, ssh, it's okay." I said, walking around the room. "Let's go see your grandma." I said. Wow, that felt weird.


"Mama I!" The guys yelled, hugging her. I laughed, and set Nicole in her high chair. Jackie sat next to Calum, Lauren sat next to Michael, Luke sat next to Ashton, and Anne sat next to Ashton, and Harry sat next to the high chair.

I tried so hard to get Nicole to eat her baby food. She would always spit it out. "Ashton." I said, throwing down the spoon. "Can you please get her to eat? She won't eat this. I have nothing left. I've tried everything." I said. "Yeah, why don't you eat something." He said. "Not really hungry." I said, sitting down in his seat. I noticed Michael looking at me, when I said I wasn't hungry.

"Anyone want dessert?" I asked. Everyone said yes. "Okay, I'll be right back with it." I said, walking into the kitchen. "Not hungry huh." Someone said. Michael. "Yea, I have been pretty full lately." I replied. "Okay, so, Anne is staying with you?" He asked. I nodded. "So, is Brook coming back?" I asked. "Yeah, tomorrow." He replied. "That's great. Ashton wanted to go out to lunch tomorrow, with us, and all the girlfriends." I said. He nodded.


"Did she eat yet?" I asked Ashton. "Attempted." He sighed. "Here, let me try again." I said, taking the baby food out of his hands. I got some of the food on the spoon, and made a face, while creeping closely to the baby. "Mhm." I said, once it got into her mouth.

Sadly, she spit up, all over herself. I threw my head back, and groaned, my head hitting Calum's shoulder. "Come on." I said, picking her up out of the high chair.

"All better." I said. I kissed her head, but noticed she was burning up. I ran downstairs holding Nicole tightly. "Ashton." I said. "Feel her head." I said. He got up, and put his hand onto her head. "Shes burning up." He said. I nodded.


Ashton's POV

Ashley went to read a story to Jackie, so she can go to bed. I was holding Nicole, close to my stomach, since she was sick. "So, Ashley and you, have a child." Mum said. I nodded. "Kind of looks like Calum." She said. I laughed. "I can assure you, it's not his. I put my heart, blood, and sweat into this baby." I said. "Uh, ew." Harry said. I laughed, a little.

Ashley came down stairs, and stopped at the head of the table. "Calum." She said. We all looked to Calum. "Jackie made a special request for you to tuck her in." She said. Calum got up, and walked up stairs.

Calum's POV

"Calum!" Jackie yelled. "Ssh. Ssh." I said, sitting down on her bed. "Tuck me in." She said. I got up, and tucked her in. "Why aren't you my daddy?" She asked. "Jackie." I said. "Get to bed, okay?" I said. She nodded.


Ashley's POV

"Okay, Anne will be here soon." I said to the guys. "Luke, feet off the table, thank you." I said. "Hey babe." Ashton said, kissing my cheek. "Where's Calum?" Ashton asked. "He's coming." Michael said.

As if on cue, Calum and Kyla walked into the house. I looked up, and quickly down. "Let me go check on the girls." I said, getting up. Ashton looked at me, with a look.

"are you behaving for Lauren?" I asked Jackie. "Yes mommy." Jackie replied. "Okay, once Annelyy comes, we will get going. I told her that if you want to go out, it's alright. But you have to be home before twelve." I said to Lauren. "Okay. Thanks." She said.

"Hey Anne." I said, opening the door. "Hey." She replied, hugging me. "Oh, hi Kyla. Hey Brook!" She said. I held in a laugh. "Okay, Nicole is sick, so she might be a little... Grumpy. But otherwise, the girls should be good. Jackie should be in bed by eight or nine. No later." I said. "I know. I know." She said. "Have fun." She said. "I doubt it with miss bitch in here." I mumbled. "Ashley." Ashton said. "Sorry." I replied.


"So, why did you quit, Ashley?" Brook asked, as we ate. Kyla looked up at me. "Oh, um, it was... A lot of stress, and things going on, that I couldn't handle." I replied. "I'm sure we will all miss you there." She said. I smiled.

In the middle of dinner, my phone started to ring. "Uh oh." I said. "What?" Ashton asked, while everyone looked up. "Hey Anne what's wrong?" I asked. "Jackie won't sleep." She said. "Did you read to her?" I asked. "I read, I sang, I gave her milk. Nothing." She said. "I want Calum!" I heard Jackie yell in the background. "Put me on the phone with her." I said. "Hi mommy." Jackie said. "Baby, you need to sleep for aunt Anne." I said. Everyone at the table was looking at me. "But I want Calum to talk to me." She said. "Honey, Calum can't talk to you. Remember what I said about being good for aunt Anne." I said. "Please mommy. He did it the other night." She said. "I know he tucked you in last night. But baby, you have to sleep." I said. Kyla looked at me, then Calum. "Fine!" She yelled, hanging up. "I just got hung up on by a five year old." I said.


"Did she go to sleep?" I asked. "I think." Anne replied. "Let me go check. She likes to pretend." I said. "Just like her mom." Anne said. I rolled my eyes at her.

"Jaclyn rose! What did you do to your room!" I yelled. "I wasn't tired. And Calum couldn't tuck me in. So I did this." She said. "Jaclyn, you can't just mess up your room, because you don't get your way." I said. "But-" "no jaclyn. I don't like this behavior of yours. You're five. Not fifteen." I said. "But why couldn't Calum talk to me today?" She asked. "Baby, Kyla was with him. Kyla doesn't like when Calum is here. That's why baby." I said. "She doesn't like you?" She asked. "I don't think so baby." I said.

Calum's POV

"What happened in here?" I asked, as I entered Jackie's room. "Kyla doesn't like mommy?" She asked. "What?" I asked. "Alright baby. I think it's time we get to bed." Ashley said, picking up jackie. "Goodnight." Ashley said, grabbing my arm, and pulling me out of the room.

"Kyla doesn't like you?" I asked. "It's not important. She just talks a lot." Ashley replied. "Ashley." I said. "Calum. Drop it okay." She snapped. "Ashley. I can't stop it. You're my best friend. I need to know what she meant by that." I said. "Calum. Please. Just drop it." She said.

"Okay, well, can you tell me why you barely touched you food tonight?" I asked. "Calum. Just go home, alright." She said. "No Ashley. Just tell me why you aren't eating!" I yelled. As I yelled, a loud cry sounded through out the house. "Great job. Thanks so much." She said. "I'm sorry," I said. "Just go home to Kyla, Calum. She's probably thinking I'm cheating on ashton." She said. "That's what this is about." I said. "Yes! She wrote a god damn article on it! In my magazine company, Calum! How I am cheating on ashton, with you and Michael!" She yelled, tears coming down her face. "Hey, come here." I said. She walked into my arms, and cried.

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