His name is Luke, and he's the womanizer full of himself prince that is coming to live in my castle for the summer, oh fun.

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Hiii I'm glad you clicked on my story and I hope you like what you read :)


"Elise please"


"No Luke, i'm not leaving you" I sobbed out, Luke's blood was staining my clothes and the floor surrounding us.


"Devin" Luke choked out, calling over our friend. "Get Elise out of here please, Get her to safety"


He nodded. "Come on princess, we have to get going"


"Give me a minute please" I cried, Devin looked at Luke for permission then nodded "Alright, one minute not a second after that" 

Before i even got a word out there was loud noises coming from the door.


Bang Bang Bang




"Luke!" I cried out, knowing it was them.


"Devin! You must take her now! Go! I'll be fine I promise you El"






Devin grabbed my arm and started to run through the secret passage, "Wait!" I yelled and turned back to look at Luke. 


"LUKE!" I shouted, gaining his attention


"I love you so much" I sobbed,


Luke mouthed the words back and then we were gone


-this is just the prologue, 3 comments (from different people) 3 favorites and 3 fans for the next part :)

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