Good Girls

Guys this is my first time writing anything so feed back please??? LOVE YOU!!

Skylar is being dragged away from everything, what did she do to deserve brig put on a private school?


2. Moving


HELP! Get me out of here! I was in a dark place, I didn't know where I was. I heard banging, and then there was light, I looked trying to figure out what had just happened. I saw someone, a boy, with bright red hair.

Hello? The strange boy asked.

Who are you? I asked the boy.

He opened his mouth, about to answer, then... My alarm clock went off.



I opened my eyes, looking around my room everything is already boxed up, and my room is almost completely empty. The only thing in it is my bed, and a shirt and a jeans that I'm going to put on. I got up an took a shower, when I was finished I dried off and put on my band shirt, black ripped up skinny jeans and a pair of black vans. I brushed my hair and went downstairs where my mother was cooking breakfast.

"SKYLAR" my mother yelled.

"What mom?" I asked

"We're leaving in about 2 hours" she answered

"Ok I'm going to Luke's house for a little bit" I told her.

"Ok" she said

I went next door to see my boyfriend, Luke Hemmings, for the last time. We dated for 3 years and I have to break up with him.

I knocked on his door about to cry, he didn't know I was moving, I didn't want to tell him.

When he opened the door and saw me crying his face dropped. He asked me what was wrong and I just shook my head.

"Luke" I said, " I have to.."

"You have to what?" Luke asked pulling me into his house and setting me down on the couch.

"I have to break up with you" I answered "I'm.."

"You have to break up with me?" Luke interrupted. "I love you, you can't do this to me baby"

"Luke I'm moving, we're leaving in about 2 hours" I told him

"Skylar, why didn't you tell me you were moving?" Luke asked with a tear streaming down his cheek.

"I didn't want to, I couldn't bear the thought of us not being together." I told him trying not to breakdown

"Where are you moving to?" Luke asked

"New York" I answered him

"I will see you again someday I promise" Luke said

I smiled and gave Luke a kiss on the cheek.

"I will always love you luke" I told him

"I will always love you more" Luke answered

I got up and opened the door, turning around to see Luke looking at me crying. I turned back around and walked out the door.

I walked back to my house and went to my bedroom to find that my bed ha already been taken down.

My mom yelled "SKYLAR 15 MINUTES"

"Ok mom I'll be ready" I answered

I looked around my room making sure I had gotten everything, and I walked into my closet and found a necklace, as soon as I looked at it I couldn't help it, Luke gave it to me when we started dating, I put it around my neck and walked out of my room.

I looked around the house one last time before setting the keys on the counter and walked out of the house, shutting the door and locking it.

I walked to my moms car and told her I would follow her, since I have a car, and I walked over to my red convertible mustang. I got in an started the car, following my mother to the place taking me away from everything.

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