Good Girls

Guys this is my first time writing anything so feed back please??? LOVE YOU!!

Skylar is being dragged away from everything, what did she do to deserve brig put on a private school?


3. Getting There

Skylars POV

I looked at the road ahead of me, watching my mom, and occasionally looking off the side of the road. I was looking at a bird, when I all of a sudden, I HAVE TO PEE! So I call me mom,

"Phone ringing" she answers

"What" she asks.

"Mom I have to pee" I told her

"Ugh, ok there's an exit ahead, we will stop and get somthing to eat while we're here" she replied

"Ok" I replied and hung up the phone

I followed my mom off the exit and to a Taco Bell (don't judge)

When we pulled in I jumped out of the car and yelled "I HAVE TO PEE" getting a few stares from people standing nearby..

After I used the bathroom and ate we were back on the road.

I called mom after an hour or two and asked her how long it would be before we got there.

She said "It will be about 1 hour"

I said a quick ok and hung up the phone

One hour later

I looked up at a sign that said "welcome to New York" and I sighed

"Here goes nothing" I say to myself

We pulled up to the house my eyes huge, it was the biggest house in the neighborhood.

I got out of my car hoping that I would have a bigger room than I did last time, if I'm going to live in hell might as well make the best out of it.

As I got out of my car and walked to my mom I realized that it might not be as bad as I thought.

My mom handed me a key, and I unlocked the door walking in, I almost screamed it's so big! I went upstairs deciding to pick my room myself, of course I picked the one with the music notes wallpaper.

After we unpacked our things I went for a walk and when I turned the corner I saw...The red haired boy from my dream?


Sorry for the sucky chapter... But thumbs up for updating???

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