Go on the adventure of the discovery of one girls life. That may or may not be laid out for her.


4. School sucks

I don't even care, I'm not going back to that hole to get mocked for holding the new hot kids hand! I walk so fast through the parking lot i was sure i was only a blur. Out of every car mine was the easiest to find, everyday that I've been here. I'm the new kid with the flashy red Ferrari, except there was a new car easier to see, more flashy even. It was a beautiful black BMW that stood out from the old Alaskan cars that the kids here have. If anything i would guess it was Derek's car. Which makes me pissed, i almost through rocks at his car. I don't understand whats wrong with me, he gets under my nerves, and I've barely even talked to him. Getting into my car i see Frank run out quickly getting into his car and driving away. I can only imagine what Frank is so upset about. But i couldn't care less, Frank is a grown man he can handle his own hippie ways. I just sigh, as i speed away towards the road that will lead me somewhere anywhere but here.

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