Go on the adventure of the discovery of one girls life. That may or may not be laid out for her.


2. New kid

There's darkness all around, no sound, no light just pure black. Is this hell? No this can't be hell, hell is different, hell has a smell. This just has nothing, no screams from the constant torture, nothing. But its far from heaven, heaven is peaceful, quiet but theres always a slight sound. Heaven is my home, but I'm lost, and i can't go back, i can never find my pathway home... I wake up from the dream that has been haunting me for three weeks. I can never remember the details only blackness. I sigh and look at the clock, Oh My God, I'm late for school. I look around my find my t-shirt, hoodie, and jeans i played out the night before. I look around at my over sized room, my walk in closet I don't need, and my bathroom that i could practically have a pool party in. I never wanted this, my parents to die, I never wanted to move and live with my aunt. My aunts a nice lady but... I sigh, i can't handle this first thing in the morning. I run down the oak stairs, not wasting time to eat anything. I grab my car keys and head out to my cherry red Ferrari. I don't want this car, my aunt thinks she can bring me happiness with buying me things but honestly i couldn't careless. 

​I pull up into Cherry Brook high school, where i don't and will never fit in. This is my second week at this hell hole and its as hell holeish as ever. I only have one friend, Sam Baker, she's the only one to get me through these days. I don't understand why a girl like Sam isn't apart of the popular group. She's beautiful and exotic looking, she has this deep caramel colored skin and long jet black hair. But her eyes are the main feature there big and beautiful, and they're the color of chocolate. She's tall, about 5'9, but she's the nicest person you would ever meet. I on the other hand am plain, i have long bond hair, and blue eyes, plus a couple freckles. But I'm plain. As i walk through the school looking for my class i hear Sam call out " Bliss! Bliss Ameaka! you better stop moving right now or ill tackle you!" I stop moving knowing she will tackle me and make a scene, but was it really necessary to use my last name? Still stopped i look back knowing we have the same class together. World history, with Frank, his last name is Fickle but he wants us to call him by his first, Frank. Franks a pretty chill guy, we never get homework or tests so i always have an A+ in his class. Except for the occasional test which has to be done. Our class always gets off topic with who's the hottest celebrity couple. But i never pay attention, I'm not boy crazy or celebrity crazy, who cares if Miley Cyrus was caught humping a wrecking ball, not me. Sam as slow as ever takes her leisurely time walking to me. i Sigh and decide to back track to her. "Hey" i say to her, "are you ignoring me" she replies. I roll my eyes, she always asks that first thing every morning. She looks at me with a sparkle in her i and i know theres gossip coming. Sam is a huge gossiper, "what?" i say knowing she's gonna tell me. "So theres this new guy in school, he's so hot!" she says, she knows i don't care but she has to tell someone so i just keep quiet as we walk to Franks class room. "I saw him today, he is HOT with a capital H!" yup thats my guy crazy friend. I just keep listening until she says, "i totally think you guys should go out", i stop dead in my tracks. I just shake my head and say,"i don't even know this dude", she just sighs, looking at me with sad eyes. "I was just saying i thought it would be good for you to, yeah know, go somewhere" i can see she's almost in tears. Yup this is my boy crazy and very emotional best friend. "I'm sorry i had a bad nights sleep", she just nods knowing all about my creepy dream. We finally make it to Franks class and i take my seat way in the back Sam follows. and sits in the seat next to me. Frank walks in with his usually coffee spiked with vodka. He starts talking but i couldn't care less today i guess is the one of few days we learn. I just sigh, but when Frank stops talking i turn to face him and standing in the doorway was the most gorgeous boy to ever walk this earth. Sam leans over and whispers "thats him, the new kid" all i can do is stare. He's dressed in all black, black combat boots, black jeans, and a black t-shirt, showing off his very fit biceps. But its not his clothes or his hot arm muscles, its his eyes and hair and his face. His skin is dark, a very dark tan, but his eyes are a soul piercing blue. Which in contrast to everything else is different everything is dark but his eyes are light. His hair is a dark chocolate brown. He looks over at me and smirks, i quickly avert my eyes. Frank clears his throat and says "class, we have a new student, Derek" Frank turns toward Derek and i know right away from the tone in Franks voice that Frank hates Derek. I look back quickly and see he is till looking at me and smirking, and all i want to do is slap the smirk right off his face. " And your late Derek" Frank stops and glares at Derek, "now go find a seat... please". I look around there are a couple open seats but he just moves down the aisle and sits right next to me. I just followed him from the corner of my eye. And watches as he gracefully sits in the seat, the seat that i wish was taken by another person. 

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