a phone box

18 year old Kirsten is about to have the adventure of her life, when she wakes up to find a young man in her front yard with box.

4. 4

Friday morning Kristen picked up her phone and saw a blinking green light signifying she had a message.

Hey Kris, if you aren't busy this arvo I have something to show you

she frowned
Kristen- Hey Rivers, how did you get my number?
Caleb- Sophia
Kristen- right, imma add you into our group conversation
Caleb- ok cool

She quickly fixed it up.

Lucy- Kris, where did you get Rivers' number? O_o
Kristen- Sophia, duh

Caleb- so wanna come Kris? ;)

Kristen- yeah sure :)

Andy- get ready for school you lot>:(

Kristen- yes mum -_-


Kristen got ready for school quickly and went to leave,
"yeah mum?"
"where are you going?" Kristen's mother asked,
"school" Kristen rolled her eyes,her mother was a bit of a forgetful person,
"oh yes, right" he mum smiled,
"oh and ill be home later than normal"
"ok dear" her mum waved her off. Kristen started her walk to school, she decided to take the short cut through the park, quickly glancing around for the idiots she had to go to school with. she felt a hand on her shoulder and she turned around, Peter Roberts was standing there in front of her, he was the biggest bully at their school, she sighed and turned to walk away, she nervously played with the cuffs of her white dress shirt as she walked,
"Oi, Smith, what are you doing in my park?" he called after her, grabbing the back of her brace as he spoke
"I'm going to school Roberts, something you should consider" she said slapping his had away. he grabbed her wrist and looked hard into her eyes,
"was that supposed to hurt?" he growled, she tried to tug her hand away, he brushed his other hand down the front of her shirt and fingered the bottom of her skirt, "Pretty girls should be nice" he started to drag her towards the toilet block near the play ground,
"where are you taking me" she yelled, he grinned and continued to drag her,
"somewhere private" he whispered, Kristen glanced over her shoulder and saw Caleb's car parked at the side of the road, Peter's grip on her went stack and she dropped to the ground,
"Kristen, are you ok?" Caleb was kneeling in front of her his hand on her shoulder,
"I think so yeah" she smiled at him, her phone buzzed.
Lucy- hey guys, I just watched Caleb save Kristy from rape.

Kristen glanced around and saw Lucy running across the park from the other side,
"Kris, are you ok?" she grinned, "sorry I didn't help I was too far away and Caleb was closer"
"I'm alright" Kristen smiled, hiding her bruised wrist behind her back.
"shall I give you both a lift?" Caleb asked, the two girls nodded.
Sophia- Andy and I want to know if Kristen is alright!
Kristen- I'm good.

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