a phone box

18 year old Kirsten is about to have the adventure of her life, when she wakes up to find a young man in her front yard with box.

3. 3

The five teenagers were all standing near the front gate, organising a day to work on homework,
"how are you getting home Caleb?" Andy asked, checking the number on the bus that passed,
"oh I drive" Caleb grinned, "speaking of which, does anyone want a ride home?" Sophia shook her head,
"I'm meeting a girl in my English class, so we can get started on the assignment"
"wow Soph, it's not due for weeks" Lucy rolled her eyes,
"i know"
"Sorry Caleb my dad is picking me up" Lucy smiled, "and Andy catches a bus,"

"yeah that bus, so goodbye" he said running up to catch his bus,
"Kris?" Caleb's eyes curiously glanced into Kristen's green-grey ones,
"uh, do you want me to?" she smiled shyly,
"wouldn't mind some company"
"sure" she smiled, just then Lucy's phone blared the Doctor Who theme song,
"its my dad" she sighed, "bye guys"
"oh look its Charlee, the girl in my class, bye" Sophia ran off the her new nerd friend,
"well then sinit ire" Caleb smiled at Kristen,
"i need to say that more often, sinit ire"
"its even better than Alon-zy"
"shut up Doctor"
"wait what?"
"Caleb what does sinit eary mean?" Kristen asked,
"Sinit ire means let's go" Caleb smiled, "its Latin"
"ok then, well Alon-zy" Kristen laughed.

they walked up to a dark blue Fisker Karma and that's where Caleb stopped,
"wait this is your car?" Kristen marvelled
"Yes Kristen Smith, I own this car"
"but its a really expensive car"
"i know Kris, come one"
"alright let's go pretty boy" Kristen blushed as Caleb pulled the passenger door open for her and then jumped in the driver's seat,
"so where do you live?"
"what a creepy question"
"Kris, im driving you home"
"alright, alright, calm down"
"Kristen where do I need to take you"
"11 carter street" she laughed at him, he sighed and drove off,
"so Caleb, where do you live?"
"what a creepy question"
"fine whatever" the drove in silence for a while occasionally engaging in small talk when they pulled up out front Kristen invited Caleb inside.
"Mum and Dad work late so they wont mind, hell they don't care if I have people over"
"im sorry Kris, but I should really get home, see if I can fix my tar....transporter"
"oh, ok" she smile "maybe tomorrow"
"maybe, and hey, if I can fix my thingy, ill show it to you"



ok so if you wondering what any of this has to do with Doctor Who besides the face that the people are all big fans of said show, you about to find out my lovelies. Don't worry you needn't wait long...hopefully.
your favourite writer
Jamie Weasly nee Malfoy


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