a phone box

18 year old Kirsten is about to have the adventure of her life, when she wakes up to find a young man in her front yard with box.

2. 2

"I have generation studies" Lucy and Sophia called at the same time.
"As do us all," Andy laughed at them. The two girls looked at him in fake offence. Kristen rolled her eyes at the trio and tugged them towards class, they took their seats at the back of the room.
"why am I always beside the spare seat?" Kristen asked, Andy shrugged from beside her.
Lucy called from the other end near the window, "cause logic."
"Quiet class," Mrs William called from the front of the classroom. She wore a fez, round glasses and a shirt that read camp half-blood.
"she looks cool," Sophia grinned.
"who wants to guess our new topic?" Mrs Williams grinned.
"i love our teacher," Lucy smiled.
"hmmm, how about..."
"excuse me, is this year ten generation studies Miss?" a boy with long scruffy blonde hair and bright blue eyes asked from the door.
"Ha, Kris your next to the new kid" Andy laughed, he was right, the only spare seat was beside her.
"At least he's hot," she laughed and Lucy rolled her eyes.
"yes, this is your class Mr..."
"Caleb, Caleb Rivers," he smiled.
"Yes well go take a seat," then her eyes locked on Sophia, "Miss Tent, what do you think out topic is?"
"Could it be fandoms Mrs?" she asked shyly.
"Yes, very good dear. Now I must mark the roll." Caleb took his seat beside Kristen as the teacher called the roll.
"So what's your name?" he asked her.
"Kristen," she smiled shyly.
"My name's Caleb."
"I know."
"so what class do you have next?" he asked, "might need help finding mine."
"Here, I'll look at your time table for you. Hmm, we have English next. Oh same class"
"Awesome, you can be my guide." he smiled at her. she blushed a faint pink.
"So, Caleb, do you live around here?" Lucy asked.
"yeah, haven't been here long, and could be off again before the end of the year."
"Parents' work?" Andy asked.
"Oh no, I live alone, and the, uh, high-tech transporter I have isn't working properly at the moment, so I'm coming to school. Not that I need an education or anything I'm nineh...um ...teen."
"Oh, repeating the year?" Sophia asked.
"Yeah," he nodded.
"Mr. Rivers, I would appreciate you not disturbing my class please," Mrs Williams scowled, "Kristen, what fandom is this item iconic for?" Kristen looked at the picture of the T.A.R.D.I.S. on the board.
"My TARDIS" Caleb muttered.
"what?" Kristen whispered.
"Miss Smith?"
"Um, Doctor Who, miss."
The teacher nodded. "Didn't doubt you one bit, bowtie girl"
"Bowties are cool," Caleb told her.
"Do you like Doctor Who?" all four of them asked in sync.
"I am th...a really big fan, a Whovian" he smiled.
"Do you have a stutter?"
"Lucy!" Sophia scolded.
"Uh, no, im just not used to so many people," Caleb answered.
"Were you home schooled..."
"Andrew Thomas, be quiet in my class,"  Mrs Williams scolded. All five people at the back og the room sighed.

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