a phone box

18 year old Kirsten is about to have the adventure of her life, when she wakes up to find a young man in her front yard with box.

1. 1

The room was dark. On one wall you could see beautifully sketched portraits, each one so well done the eyes seemed to watch you and the hair seemed to move. On another wall were landscape pictures from all over the world. There was a gust of wind that blew through the room, the tall girl sleeping on the bed stirred. The time on the clock flipped over to 6:00am. There was a whooshing sound causing her to jump out of bed hitting the button on her alarm clock. And with that Kristen Smith got ready for school. quickly brushing her long brown hair and tying a bowtie round her neck.


Kristen ran up the front of the school and through the gates, her friends were walking up the stairs when she saw them.
"first day of the year and they are already ignoring me" she smiled as she ran after them. Sophia Tent was an average height girl with short curly brown hair, and glowing brown eyes, Lucy Christopher was a short girl with dark hair and a leather jacket, and Andy Thomas was a tall boy with light brown hair and a silly rainbow scarf. When she reached the others the two girls caught her in a back-breaking hug.
"Ow, ow, stop it, I need to breath," Kristen whined. The girls let her go and she hugged Andy, "sup little bro."
"Do you always wear that bowtie," Sophia complained, "take the silly thing off."
"Only when you remove the red converse," Lucy smiled.
"When the leathers go," Andy quipped.
"At the departure of the scarf," Kristen laughed.
"Never," They all smiled together and burst out laughing. The bell rang and a voice announced over the P.A. system that all students were to report to the quad for instructions on classes.
"Fantastic, off we go," Lucy laughed.
"Alon-zy," Sophia smiled and chased her down stairs,
"Geronimo?" Kristen looked at Andy, and he shrugged.
"what nerds we are," he laughed.

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