WARLORD The Heart of Vengeance (COMPLETE BOOK 1)

In order to retrieve back her homeland, Acarah had to place herself in full hate for the Guthorians who were the reason for his father's death. And because of that, she became a leader of a group that became the scariest war makers, making her the first acclaimed woman warlord..


9. chapter 9

"Kan!" Acarah shouted as she ran fast catching him. "You dare not insult me again or I shall severe your head!" she warned.

Kan stopped and grimaced. "Why do you always think that I insult you when you're the one who's threatening me?" he said back in a tone of bitterness.

The two had been in the kingdom of Devidol for two months and was still in practice improving their skills. As the two made their way back to the castle, two knights approached them taking them to the throne room.

The door opened and there they entered in a bit of suspense.


    The door opened and there they entered in a bit of suspense. They were facing the king.

    The throne room was wide. Every sides have a great number og royal guards and every single one were holding their spheres in front, one arm leaning on their backs. The unusual number of guards already caught both Kan and Acarah's attentions.

    The king was there in his altar drinking chalice as he faced the two that were shifting glances from one another. He was serious... having his long beard cover his mouth and his cape almost reached the stairs of his thrown. He was fat, certainly. His pale skin were wrinkling as though he was as old as century by now. Beside him sat his wife. A greedy looking one. She was thin, full of accessories on her body and her crown was more expensive than her husband's due to it's verry account jewelries. She was hiding her thick red lips behind her fan.

    "What is it that you will, your majesty?" Acarah straightened due to her impatience among the long silence.

    the king withraw his cup from his hand handing it over to one of the servants.

    He smirked and stood up. "I am glad that the princess of Luvidia found her way here." he said in an authorized voice. "And now I will give a little chat off negotiation with you young princess." he went down of his throne with his large cape wiping over the floor. 

      When he reached a meter to Acarah, Kan went in between them. "Come no further, your majesty." He said in his monotone.

        The king frowned. But after that, he let out a wondering face. "Who are you, young man? Perhaps, you are not a peasant for it is an insult to order your king like that." he said.

        "He is my king, your majesty." Acarah spoke that made Kan looked at her puzzled. But Acarah continued. "He was blessed by the guardians of the world, chosen to protect me and become my warrior when I had the war to retrieve back what was ones taken away from me."


        The king let out a laugh. "You are indeed straight forward, your highness. You really fit next to your father's crown." He said.

        Acarah remained staring as though she was pissed of from what the king's action. "I do not entertain a compliment that's not even straight to the heart. Do you insult my existence in front of you? Or is it you wish my father's crown and my power for yourself?"


        He stopped from laughing and gave a stare. He rubbed his black beard and smirked. "I do not want to be beheaded as of what happened to your weak father . And you are not worth my country anymore." He paused and waited for the girl's response, but she did not speak so he continued to talk. "I have here the Guthorians to take you back to Luvidia. And then my country will be at peace again."


        Kan unsheathed his sword when the guards from all sides had them surrounded. Acarah was upset. "But you were my father's brother." she said.


        "But have I not told you?" The king was furious. "He exiled me to his realm! He had me forsaken from his radiance! He was selfish. Wanting the crown and country for his own convenient."


        "My father would never do that!" Acarah shouted. "If he did it then you are not worth of existing to his country!"


        "Insulence! Fool child! Do you think I also want his bloodline step in my kingdom? Never!"


        The swordplay began as Kan stayed in front of Acarah, protecting the young girl from all the soldiers. "We can't stay here any longer!" he exclaimed pulling Acarah to run with him to his quickest speed. But another group blocked their way. Acarah joined the play as she swayed her sword to a soldier who tried to hit her. They stopped in the hall fighting as many soldiers that would try to hold them down.



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