WARLORD The Heart of Vengeance (COMPLETE BOOK 1)

In order to retrieve back her homeland, Acarah had to place herself in full hate for the Guthorians who were the reason for his father's death. And because of that, she became a leader of a group that became the scariest war makers, making her the first acclaimed woman warlord..


7. Chapter 7

The storm started to drop down from the dark sky through the earth. The wind was strong and the spring of rain was heavy. However, the carriage didn’t stop from its travel. They continued to wander amidst the mighty rain and strong wind that tried to provoke them. They didn’t stop and continued to wander the endless road. They ignored the cold and overcome the rain that pours to them.
Kan just hurried on fetching the horses to move on until they saw the end of the road. The other empire behind the mountains, and across the wild rivers. The gate was open and all they have to do is to enter. They straightly went into the main castle and presented themselves without any waste of time.
They showed the scroll that Abok had given them. After that, they were welcomed.
They were sent immediately to the practice hall and met a lot of fighters from all around the world. Acarah felt that she’ll be out of place if they finds out about her real identity, she might be insulted in the manner that women should be out of the battlefield.
They were all young, mostly are in the age of twenties and thirties. Some of them are well-built and strong with their faces as veteran in war and killings, and some were thin and feeble looking on how their bodies were built. If Acarah could do anything stupid, she could’ve mocked them like how she never loses on giving Kan mocks. But as she watched farther, the men who were weak looking let out a very magnificent power with one attack. But she could’ve done the same if only they will not look at her and finds out that she’s a maiden behind a cloak.
Rudolph howled shortly and everyone gave a look to them. All eyes met up with Kan while Acarah knelt down patting the wolf’s head. Kan gave a smirk then looked at him. “It’s the wolf’s fault.” He said pointing to Rudolph.
“A coward Kan. So many times I saw the coward Kan.” Acarah mumbled loudly that only Kan heard her.
“What did you say?” Kan frowned turning to Acarah.
“I said I saw the  coward Kan again.” Acarah mumbled again but now clearly.
Kan hissed crossing his arms through his chest then looked away. Then a sudden sword passed by him an inch away from his ear and it engraved through the door behind him. His eyes grew in surprise. Acarah stood, facing the suspect. Their face turned serious with everyone looking on both sides.
“Look who showed up?” A very familiar voice spoke making the two turned to the group of men.
Kan started laughing while Acarah stood facing him. All of them just gave a stare while the group started to get insulted. The group went near as the two turned serious preparing their attacks. But after the two could even unsheathe their weapon, the group was kneeling down in front of them. Kan’s eyes grew round while Acarah looked with her mouth open.
“I know we didn’t have a good conversation that night… but we want to learn from you.” one of them finally said.
“Please teach us!”
Kan scratched his head while he gazed at Acarah. Then he turned back to them almost laughing as he saw them made an eye of pleading. He frowned remembering that they almost hit his head with a sword. “Why would I? You almost killed me.” he protested.
“We didn’t. No one did anything that might kill you.”
Acarah took the sword letting Rudolph sniff the hilt then he jolly run towards a man that wears his hood, biting his arms tightly as it pulls him violently towards his master. Kan again gave a look removing his hood revealing his young image. Both were in the same age and same built of bodies. “Now who are you?” he asked.
The man frown the same. Then he dared him with his sharp eyes. “I don’t like you.” he said coldly reaching the sword back from Acarah, but she insisted. “Give it bastard!” he shouted at her still reaching his sword.
“Oops… I guess that’s a wrong name you’re giving my good man.” Kan chuckled.
The man ignored him then gripped the girl’s arm giving her a tight held. Acarah felt the pain giving the man a very hard stroke on the face with his sword’s hilt. But before she could even react to it, her cloak was pulled showing her appearance as a girl. Her face was straightly looking at the man while he stares back at her. She finally moved pointing the sword in his throat.
“You dare hurt me once more and I shall lead your head back to the underworld.” She warned sighing to calm herself, dropping the sword then walked straight sitting at the wall side quietly.
Kan approached the man tapping his shoulder. “Don’t think about it so much. She always say lines like that to me, but she never does.” He blurted laughing. “By the way, I’m Keith. You?” he asked.
The man looked at him then stood. “I am Edmund. And I apologize for threatening you and the beautiful lady over there.” He said looking at Acarah.
Kan chuckled. “Beautiful lady? Are you kidding?” he asked holding his laughter.
“May I ask what her name would be?” Edmund asked.
“It’s Acarah, but if I am you I won’t bother having an interest with her.”
“Why not?”
“It will be a problem.”
Then Kan left, approaching Acarah as he stood leaning on the wall with his arms cross.
Sparing had been held to Devidol’s arena. They’ve been clashing wooden swords for the whole day and showed their unbeatable strength.  But when it comes to Acarah’s turn on fighting, they surrender and laugh mockingly leaving her as if she’s no worth fighting at all. She felt their insult unable to say a single word and just shut up and lower her shoulders. While Kan in the other hand was enjoying his executive wins and just laugh at Acarah with tease but she just ignored him.
The sound of strong clash of sword echoed around the battle ground. The enemy swayed his sword with strong strokes that made Kan’s knee shrugged down, but he insisted defeat and doubled his speed and strengthen his force. Another stroke of the enemy from above as Kan ducked and point the wooden sword direct to his neck, and that, he won again.
He walked confidently approaching Acarah who has been waiting for her fight. She walked straight inside the battle ground waiting impatiently to her enemy that she’s sure that will ignore her. Her head was bowed covering her face. Then there, a large man approached holding a real gigantic sword.
“I want to crash you…” His horrifying voice spoke.
“Wait!” A man broke up blocking him. “No real weapon—“ but before he could even give his reminder, the large man swayed his sword giving him a wide stab from his chest as he landed on the ground of dust.
Acarah’s head finally rose up looking straight at him. The man started to approach her. Kan just watched her observingly as he prepare to unsheathe his sword.
He raised his giant sword ready to chop the girl, but she swiftly let the sword passes beside her and the ground broke. However, he was quick too, hitting her with his fist.
She just let it as she rolled over the ground. She stood with her head flowing with blood going down to her forehead till her right eye. She just gave stare at her hands as it shrug. The man laughed. “Scared already brat?” he mocked.
Acarah smirked, looking at him. “Why would I?” then she laughed admiringly while she holds her stomach. “I’ve been so bored and you want bloodshed already. I love how you think.”
“Shut up you little bitch!” the man mocked.
She just gave a smile. “Since you’re my first enemy, I say you’re strong.” She said and her eyes turned sharp unleashing her sword then throw it exact to his mouth. “But not stronger than me.” she mocked approaching him as his body fell with his blood flowing from his mouth to his throat. She removed her sword then wiped it with his clothes like what she did back to their fight with Urk and Erug. Then she sheathed back her sword
Everyone looked at her in surprise. Everything was so fast and no one could even react to it. She went back to where Kan stands, looking at him then turned down gazing at his hand while he holds the sword. “Planning to go on back up?” She asked.
Kan removed his hand from the sword then gazed at her. “No way!” he denied crossing his arms as he looked away. “And besides, I know I can defeat that guy so you can match him.”
Acarah frowned but then she just sighed. “Since you’ll be experiencing hell once we’re settled, I’ll let it pass for now.” she straightened.
Kan chuckled. “Hell my ass, I’ll make it clear that men is the head of the family. And I’m also not an underdog of yours.” He mocked.
“But that’s not for me.”
“It’s what’s good for you.”
“Oh really? Then what’s good about it for me?”
“You’ll not be defeated by me over and over again.”
“Tss… assuming.”
“Whatever weakling.”
“You’re a piece of trash.”
“I like your determination of trying to win when you always end up being sucked by the ground. Let me guess what’s next, you’ll be dragged under the ocean.”

          Another day again from the realm of Devidol. The fighters had been always prepared for battle. The practices were doubled of works and challenges and that may cause death if they’re bodies are not well strengthen.
            The king of Guthorian took a sip on his cup with his face showing a blank expression. Then a knight came approaching him inside the throne room. “Your majesty. The Luvidian princess is found.” He announced.
            His gloom turned into a smile. He raised his cup then stood. “Where is she?” he asked.
            “The kingdom of Devidol, your majesty.” The knight said.
The king smirked as he started to walked down the his throne. "That child... I will make sure that she will taste the pain her father experienced...

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