WARLORD The Heart of Vengeance (COMPLETE BOOK 1)

In order to retrieve back her homeland, Acarah had to place herself in full hate for the Guthorians who were the reason for his father's death. And because of that, she became a leader of a group that became the scariest war makers, making her the first acclaimed woman warlord..


6. Chapter 6

Morning came and the two continued their travel. After traveling half of the day, they found a metropolis just behind two mountains. As they entered the gateless entrance, no one in the residence couldn’t keep an eye away from them. They’re being watched as they pass by the road.
“What are they looking at?” Acarah asked as she gave the same gaze to those people who looked at them.
“Don’t know. Maybe they’re just… umm… star struck?” Kan said in teas.
The two just continued to wander around ignoring those people who gives them stares. When they reached the heart of the city, they saw an old man beside a tall gate. “Commoners and strong fellows, I am inviting you to enter the stadium and win two bags of fifty gold coins!” he shouted.
Kan just watched the man as he says those words over and over. Then she turned to Acarah who gazes at the old man the same. “Don’t tell me—“
“Let’s join!” Acarah cut him off grabbing his arm.
“No wait. We can’t just be carefree like this.” Kan insisted.
Acarah looked at him in the eyes. “Do you want to train or you want to stay like a loser forever.” She asked. Then she continues to pull him.
They went down the carriage then straight to the old man. The man gave them a look observing both of them. “We’ll join.” Acarah confidently said.
The old man’s eyes widened. But then he smiled. “If I were you I should’ve just watched young lady.” He went to a table then took a scroll, giving it to the two of them. “If you lose, I’ll be taking your carriage.” He said, handing the quail pen.
Acarah took it then dipped the quail pen at the ink then signed below the scroll. Then she looked at Kan. “Do you not want to test your skill to other men, other than always beating me?” she asked.
Kan just raised an eyebrow. “Are you certain that we’ll survive?” he asked.
“Of course! You have no confidence, you know? What’s the use of your train with Rogar and Brandon if you fear?” Acarah insulted.
He just sighed. “Do you have any other passed time than insulting me? And fine, I’ll be giving you what you’ll wish for now.”
Acarah smiled, covering herself with her heavy cloak hiding her face. Kan dipped the quail pen at the ink then signed to the other scroll. The old man took the looked with a pleasing smile then opened the tall gate. “Enter now youngsters. I’ll be taking care of your horse.” He said then the gate closed again after they entered.
The two looked around and saw that it was a clear ground of dust, in front of them are two people seated, obviously showing that they are of noble bloods by the way they dresses. On the other sides were crowds all came to watch. Kan felt nervous making his sweat dropped rapidly to the ground, but looking on Acarah, she was so expressionless behind the cloak. Her gaze was straight in front and not moving.
“Behold, the challengers!” someone announced. Then two well-built men came out across them. “And now, our men, Urk and Erug!” he said.
The two were somehow alike. They were covered with dust and veins almost popped out from their large muscular bodies. One of them moved his head cracking like it was being fractured while they griped their heavy weapons. Comparing to Acarah and Kan’s bodies, they were just quarter of their whole body.
“Start!” someone shouted and Urk and Erug started approaching them dragging their metal hammers. Then they ran raising their hammers ready to crush Acarah and Kan.
“Distract them.” Acarah told Kan.
Kan looked at her. “What?” he asked puzzled.
Before Acarah could even reply, the Hammer was already inches away, so Kan quickly pulled her to the other side of the battle ground. “Stay here then.” He said then unsheathed his sword, running towards the big guys. And so they were distracted. They chased him not matching with his speed.
They’ve made another method now. They separated then trapped Kan in between directions. He armed himself preparing to fight back as the two raised their hammers. One swayed down his hammer making Kan dodge it, while the other one lowered his hammer then hit his rib side. He was thrown rolling on the ground like a doll. But he tried to keep the pain and landed with his two feet and his hands. They ran towards him again but before they could even reached Kan, a sword flashed towards one of them exactly to his head passing through the other side of his ears then he fell.
Everyone turned surprised. Even Kan also didn’t predict that to happen. Then he turned to Acarah who was standing across him. Urk fell to the ground while Erug watches him. He also turned to Acarah with his eyes turning furious running towards her raising his hammer.
Acarah stepped back preparing herself, taking her dagger at her left boot then throw it towards Erug hitting his neck without a miss. He stopped kneeling down as he gurgle his blood going out of his mouth, falling down with his eyes widely open. She went near to Erug taking the dagger out of his neck. After that she approached Urk removing the sword out of his head wiping away the stain of blood and brain to his clothes.
Kan just watched her sheathing back her sword. Then she turned to her. “I thought I’ll be able to see their weak points because their veins are so obvious. So I just hit their head and neck, what do you think?” She sighed smiling at him.
Kan stood sheathing his sword back too then smiled. “You’re good at hitting targets too. I’ didn’t teach you that.” He praised.
Acarah gave him a hand. He accepted it as he stood. “You’re turning slow. What’s wrong?” she asked.
Both heard a clap from somewhere. They looked in front of them and saw the noble man who was seated earlier, he stood approaching them both. “That’s a very good show from young people.” he said. “Urk and Erug are my veteran fighters. But you showed us that they’re just your dummies for practices.” He praised.
“No wonder they hit that strong.” Kan said massaging his rib.
“They hit your wound?” Acarah asked.
“That’s the reason why it’s painful…” Kan said.
“So you mean Trehol’s stronger than them?”
“I guess.”
The noble tapped both Kan and Acarah’s shoulders. “Come young men, I will give you your noble prize. And I will offer the same for higher prize.” He said while the two just followed.
“Young men?” Acarah repeated.
Kan chuckled. “You did cover your face. That’s why they do not have any clue if you’re even a girl.” he whispered silently.
Acarah gave a frown behind the cloak then elbowed Kan to his injured rib. “Stupid.” She blurted walking faster to catch up with the noble man.
They entered a mansion just behind the stadium. Then gazes ignorantly looking around the wide home. The noble man stood facing them. He smiled upon welcoming them inside his house. “I am Abok, the head of this city. And I welcome you to my home.” He said.
Kan looked around and spoke with a little doubt. “Well… thank you for the hospitality…” he said.
Abok shook his head. “No thank you for coming.” Then he entered to another door with the two following him. Inside was a living room with two maids waiting on both sides of the wall to welcome them, “Have a seat my good men.” he offered.
The two looked at each other then turned to Abok seating on the couch. While Abok sat across them. “To tell… you both have potential. I am amazed that you two manage to improve your skills within such young ages. I am also a friend of Loward, the king of Devidol. He’s in need of people, strong people like you.” he said.
“And what place would we get if we join?” Kan asked.
“Their secret weapon, maybe? But I am certain that you are stronger than their general I am sure.”
“Why would you want us to join the king of Devidol? Do they plan on having a war or anything?”
“They have a plan on avenge Hazka, the king of Luvidian’s death.”
Both were surprised. Kan looked at Acarah and she seemed to be showing an expression of anger. Kan again turned to Abok. “Why do they want to avenge for Hazka?” he asked.
Abok sighed. “Hazka has been our country’s friend. He is the reason why we are all surviving from our daily living. And also it includes that Loward and Hazka are relatives. They are siblings.” He said.
“This is a surprising revelation.” Then he turned to Acarah. She nodded then looked at him. “We’re going to join Abok.”
Abok smiled taking a scroll from an old shelf almost covered with dust and molds. Then he handed it to Kan. “Go to Devidol and show this to the king. He will know that I sent you.” he said.
“But, isn’t trusting us that much might trouble you?” Kan wondered.
Abok laughed looking at Acarah. “I know that’s what your comrade wants to do. Hazka’s sword is never lying.” He said.
“You mean you know?” Kan asked.
“When he throw the sword, I remembered that Hazka had recall that sword to me and said that he’ll be giving it to his child.” Abok said…

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