WARLORD The Heart of Vengeance (COMPLETE BOOK 1)

In order to retrieve back her homeland, Acarah had to place herself in full hate for the Guthorians who were the reason for his father's death. And because of that, she became a leader of a group that became the scariest war makers, making her the first acclaimed woman warlord..


5. Chapter 5

It’s now decided then. Acarah had to set off together with Kan who she hates.
After three long days was Acarah’s decision of leaving, but before she left, Rogar handed him her father’s sword. She started to walk with her trained and adult wolf Rudolph, but there was no sign of Kan elsewhere. She left without waiting for him. As the two walked around north, east, south and west, there was no picture of an endless forest. However, she didn’t give up. She just continued to walk and didn’t care wherever her feet would take her.
As they longed the endless trees, there was finally an end. Acarah sighed in relief after seeing a cave. She remembered when Rogar and Brandon entered the cave and got there, and now, she looks at it as the way out. She stepped forward making her way towards the cave, but someone suddenly grabbed her. She was about to shriek but it covered her mouth. She still squealed trying to loose away from the tight hold.
“Shush… he’ll hear you.” she heard a familiar voice.
She calmed herself as she looked up and saw that it was Kan. They were hidden behind the bush and the wolf joined their hiding. Acarah couldn’t keep herself from being curious of what they are hiding from, but also felt uncomfortable that Kan was covering her mouth and the two of them are stick together while he pins her at the tree. She could feel her hair rises in embarrassment but she just tried to escape it and focused on what she’s been curious about.
Moments passed and a roar was heard, so loud that it could pierce the ear. The air also moved rapidly strong as the trees started to bend slightly. It was a bit of horrifying. She could feel that her hair raise in a bit of fear. She held on Kan’s shirt while her hand shrugs in terror. Kan sticks closer trying to calm her as he patted her head.
They could hear shouts inside the cave, the piercing of body, the gurgle of blood, the cracking of bones, and the splash of unexplainable pain. Acarah started to breath faster and faster feeling that her heart was unstoppably pounding that even Kan who hugs her could feel it. The sound stopped. Kan stood alert looking around while Acarah’s eyes were closed.
Acarah’s eyes widen in surprise. A monster flashed behind Kan. It was two times of Kan’s size, its hands were all covered with blood. One of his angry eyes was obviously removed hanging out from his wrinkled dusty skin that has a splash of blood. He was scary. He raised his one bloody arm to hit him. Fortunately, Kan was swift. He quickly carried Acarah disappearing like a popped bubble. He appeared above the tree while he holds the startled girl.
“W-what’s t-that?” she asked with her voice shaking.
“Trehol. Our enemy who massacred our travelers back when our ancestors are still finding out the life of our tribe.” Kan explained.
Trehol gazed above and saw the two. He then held on the tree’s trunk then shrugged it violently. The tree moved causing for Kan to fall. He was not aware of that that’s why he fell carelessly. As the two fell, the monster’s arm was ready, and was about to hit Acarah, but Kan grabbed her in the air causing for him to be hit instead.
The two were thrown strongly on the ground. Kan was given a wound near his rib for protecting Acarah. The bleeding didn’t stop making him feel the painful stroke. Meanwhile, Acarah was worriedly holding his rib to help the blood stop from flowing.
Trehol went near gripping Kan’s arm then throw him like a light javelin. Then he looked at Acarah who was gazing at him. She frowned unleashing her sword quickly swaying it in an arc helping her pierce the monster’s belly, but it seems like it was painless to him. With his big hand, he held in her waist carrying her then threw her at the cave’s wall. Rocks started to fall on her as Kan stood angrily disappearing again then appeared where Acarah had her sword dropped taking it then he disappeared again revealing himself above Trehol.
“Take this!” he shouted.
Trehol looked up and before he could even dodge, the sword entered his mouth sinking through his insides. Blood gurgled out from his mouth as he fell within a second.
Kan removed the sword from Trehol’s mouth the quickly approached Acarah who was buried in falling rocks. He removed all of it until she freed her from being confined. He took her away from the wall for the moment then he supported her head seeing that she was unconscious.
“Acarah. Acarah wake up!” Kan called out worriedly as he holds her cheeks.
Acarah coughed hardly as she opened her eyes.
Kan smiled. “Hey.” He said wiping the blood on her lower lip. “How are you Luvidian princess?”
“I… I felt helplessly numb.” Acarah hardly said.
“It’s your fault now. If you didn’t run away and just waited for me to come with you, then it will be settled!” Kan angrily scolded.
“Shut up…” Acarah tried hardly to seat up. Kan helped too supporting her up.
“Oh, easy there, can you not rest for a bit?” Kan asked looking around. “Wait a minute… where’s that wolf of yours?” he wondered.
“He entered the cave.” Acarah tried to stand but she faint after.
“Rest for a bit would you.” Kan said carrying her at his back.
The wolf went out of the cave as it ran towards the two. Kan walked going towards a space and there was a carriage with two horses on it. He lay Acarah behind the carriage tending her wounds, after that, he tended his’.
Seeing Acarah asleep, Kan took something from his sling bag. It was a black cloak. He covered it at her then he fetched the horses to go on. As they were out of the hidden tribe, he went straight to the road uncertain where he will go. But he just continued. Night came and he finally got into a little town, Acarah was also awake. They entered a tavern with the wolf, where almost all men are deeply drunk. They sat on a vacant table as everyone looked at them.
“Will you look at that?! Lovers ran away from home!” a man exclaimed.
Laughter filled the air, but Acarah just kept shut. A servant went close giving them a two large cup of beer. “Oh, youngsters today, Do they not have any respect for their parents?!” another laughter filled the air.
Acarah took the cup of beer standing up as she throw it at the man who gave her accuses. It hit him on the face and everyone turned silent. “Acarah, that’s enough.” Kan whispered.
“Oh don’t worry old man. I respect my father, but would you blame me if I come here late at night because I have no place to stay? Would you blame me if I have no guardian on coming here because my father was beheaded long ago? Tell me? Do I still look like an irrespective child?” Acarah straightened sitting back beside Kan.
It was silent now. But after a while, another group entered. They were all quietly looking at the group with their daring eyes. Kan did the same. The group is counted in five. They were all well-built and had weapons behind them. They are merely at the age of thirties and forties. The group was approaching Kan and Acarah.
“Move aside kids.” One of them said.
“Who told you we’re kids? Watch your mouth if you still value your head.” Acarah warned.
“Do you warn us brat?” an angry voice asked behind Acarah.
“Let’s just move aside.” Kan recommended holding Acarah’s arm.
“We came here first! And they there order us around when they just came in? Do you not feel insult?!”
“Okay, okay, but didn’t come here for fight.”
“Idiot! We came here to for battle, do you not understand what I meant by train your skills?”
“Will you stop raising your voice at me? I’m no underdog of yours!”
Acarah unsheathed her sword. “How about I give you your deadly wish.”
Kan chuckled. “How could you do that when you can’t even beat me?” he mocked.
And there they are again, arguing like there’s no one’s around them. The men just watched them open mouthed while the group turned annoyed. A man grabbed Acarah’s arm throwing her away. But she was able to land from one of the table.
She frowned glaring at the man who threw her. “Did you just…” her voice shakes in anger. But then she fixed her posture above the table then sheathed the sword back.
“Giving up already kid?” the man asked Kan.
“Fine. The table’s yours… but I can’t just let it that one of your men threw a woman there.” Kan said moving his fist in a manner of fight.
“Are you challenging me kid?” asked the man who threw Acarah.
“Hold it you. He’s in trouble with me.” Acarah spoke as she jumped down the table then approached the man.
“What did you say?” the man asked.
“You have a very poor hearing old man. Let me explain it, I will dislocate your bone.” Acarah said kicking the man’s knee.
The man groaned feeling the pain that Acarah gave her. It was indeed painful. Then he fixed his posture and was about to punch the girl but she quickly ducked and punched his neck bone. And with that, he fell on the floor unconscious.
After seeing one of their comrades down, the group felt anger surrounding both Acarah and Kan.
“Why did I get involved?” Kan asked. “Isn’t it supposed to be just her?” the he pointed at Acarah.
“You’re a coward. Do you really not feel concern for a woman who’s deeply wounded?” Acarah mocked.
“Oh, is it just you who’s deeply wounded? If only you dodged that wild hit then my rib will be spared.”
“Really? Then I guess you already die when you get buried into falling rocks!”
“Are you saying that I’m weak?”
“No, I’m saying that you’re the weakest!”
“Now you’re annoying me again.”
“Why? Do you not annoy me the same?”
And again they argued.
“Will you two stop it?! You have an enemy here!” a man shouted.
The two stopped from arguing looking at the four who surrounded them. “You can take all of them, I’m bored.” Acarah said crossing her arms with a yawn.
Kan just sighed then stepped forward. And within a flash, there was a loud hit and a crack of bones. It was him who quickly knocked all of them out. And everyone were silent then.

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