WARLORD The Heart of Vengeance (COMPLETE BOOK 1)

In order to retrieve back her homeland, Acarah had to place herself in full hate for the Guthorians who were the reason for his father's death. And because of that, she became a leader of a group that became the scariest war makers, making her the first acclaimed woman warlord..


4. Chapter 4

  Acarah felt her cheeks being caressed. She felt a soft hand warming her cold cheeks. As she opened her eyes, she saw Terra again with her same beautiful face ten years ago. She sat up looking around then turned to Terra who was smiling at her. “What happened?” she asked as she shook her head.
Terra smiled. “I felt you were crying, so I wanted to cheer you up.” She said as she stood up and hold Acarah’s hand to led her the way.
They walked non-stop until they reached a garden filled with different kind of trees that shone around a clean fountain. Golden birds started flying out the trees. It was such an astonishing beauty. Acarah had never seen it before and never even imagined it this great. Her eyes sparkled with amazement, so nostalgic as if a tone of a peaceful song that nobody had sang.
“Did you like it?” Terra asked.
Acarah nodded.
“I’m glad.” Terra smiled. “Come, I’ll tell you a very special secret.” She said. They sat beside the fountain as Acarah placed her hands waving the shining water. “That water is so special to our raise. Those people who drink on it will have a very special knowledge that brings new beginning of life.”
Acarah looked at Terra. “Did father drank on it?” she asked as she gazes back to the water form.
“Of course he did. All of those who were given the power drinks on this, but this water could also cause a great disaster. Once you drink, you should be ready to accept the knowledge. But if your heart and mind focuses into something futile and blemished, then it would surely make you aim for it for the rest of your life even if you want to quit it. And when your father drank on it, he was purely of love for his homeland.” Terra explained.
Acarah stood as she shook her head. “I’m not like father. He is great yet I am a sinner. If I drink on that then your chance of becoming peaceful will be a grave of hopelessness. My heart desires hate and I only wish for those Guthor’s extinction.” She said looking back at Terra.
Terra smiled hugging the young girl. “I am glad you did not do the same mistake…” she said.
Acarah woke up racing up with her breath founding herself lying on the ground, being supported on the head by Kan. She hardly sat coughing for a moment then she tried to observe. She was again covered with dust and as she looked beside her, there was a hole just freshly dug. She had figured out that she came from that hole and was only unburied and had the chance to breathe again.
She turned to Kan who was beside her. He was frowning as he stood crossing her arms. “You’re good for nothing but putting me to trouble! Did you know how many hours I spend just to dig you out of that deep ground? Are you mad?!” he scolded.
Acarah gave him the same gaze. “Well who told you to dig for me?! I did not ask of your help!” she said back.
“Well you should be thankful that you were alive and be glad that I wasted my first just to give you air, you hear me?!” Kan blurted.
“Your first? What do you mean ‘your first’?” Acarah wondered.
“My first kiss, what else?” Kan straightened.
Her eyes grew wide feeling her surprise and embarrassment. “How could you! You also took my first you idiot!” she exclaimed wiping her mouth with her sleeves. “You’re disgusting!”
“Hey, I saved your life… yet you insult me? What kind of thanks is that?”
“Unbelievable! This is unbearable, such a great torment! I have to carry your stupid saliva for my lifetime! You are a very mad person!”
Kan just hissed removing his cloak then placed it on her head. Then he turned back kneeling down in front of Acarah. Acarah just stared at his back. “What are you doing?” she asked.
“I’ll carry you back home. Anymore questions?” Kan said.
Acarah really can’t stand. After rolling over the mountain and being hit by rocks as she rolls down then was sucked by the ground and lost air for a long time, she would really turn to be so weak. “You’ll carry me? Haha! So amusing indeed! –hey! What are you doing? Let go!” Kan placed her to his back carrying her up then he walked headed to their way back home.
“Just cover yourself with my cloak.” Kan instructed her before they entered the tribe.
Acarah just shut and covered herself with his cloak as they walked straight inside being watched over by their tribe teasing them non-stop until they reached Rogar’s home. He was there, waiting for the girl’s arrival and there they came entering his door and Kan took her straight to her room. Rogar followed with wonder and watches as he placed Acarah carefully from his back to her bed. When Kan removed the cloak, all his questions were all answered. The girl was full of scratches and hit marks.
He turned to Kan. “What happened?” he asked after seeing that Acarah was asleep.
“She was sucked by the ground again.” Kan explained.
“No, I mean her scratches.” Rogar said.
“She rolled over the mountain.”
“And you did not help?”
“I was far.”
“But you are fast.”
“She was angry at me. And if I chase her, I would surely get a bump on my head and a kick from my butt. You know her.”
Rogar just sighed. “Is that so? Then you should also go home young man. Your father might be looking for you.”
Kan nodded then set of.
The following morning, Acarah had told Rogar that she will be leaving the tribe and will set off to journey the continent. She wanted to take on a pilgrim that would make her stronger and soon return to Luvidia and declare revenge on her father’s death.
Even Rogar want to insist, she was that princess and she can do what she wills for she was the heir. So in the end, he let her, but she will leave with Kan.
“Rogar, you know I don’t get along well with that man.” Acarah insisted to the idea of bringing Kan with her.
“And Kan is also strong so you need him to get stronger.” Rogar defended.
“But you must understand that we might end up killing each other in the middle of the road one day. He is totally out of his mind. He is crazy and an idiot! And he is a pervert at the same time –“
“Enough your highness, Keith can protect you.”
Acarah paused and looked at Rogar Puzzled. “Keith? Who’s Keith?” she asked.
“That is Kan’s real name. Terra named him Kan when she visited the tribe long ago when he was still on his mother’s womb. Keith was born to protect you and to become one with you.” Rogar straightened.
“What?! I am to marry that man?!” Acarah’s voice was in a manner of horrified.
“Exactly,” Rogar said.
“Does that idiot know this?” Acarah asked.
Rogar nodded. “That’s why he’s trying to get along with you. The two of you have no choice but to accept it. It’s not just Terra who decided, but all of the guardians. Even your father was aware of this prophecy.”
“This is no prophecy. This is a pure misfortune! I cannot agree with this, so unbearable.”
“Actually, everything you see about Kan is unbearable.”
“That’s right. He was a threat, a menace I tell you.”
Rogar knows that this will end up like what he had expected, but he also was aware that Acarah will just accept it for this is what’s already was written in both of their hands, her and Kan.
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